Cassidy Disses Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty [VIDEO]

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  • t-stupid

    Yeah alright alright alright u was right i was wrong i spy wit my lil eye why all these rappers hating on these two guys i respect any black dude /man out chere doin they thang shout out lil uzi & lil ⛵

    • smith jones

      They are also killing the game for actual rappers.. I do not support them fuvks if you wanna be a pop artist why use the rap route.. cause they know white people ain’t gonna accept them straght up

      • t-stupid

        I agree witcha i they nt rappers i just like ta c niggaz shine but i wouldn’t buy they shit just listing ta it wen its on da radio

        • NYCityKid

          lol don’t cop out for these niggas boat and yachty make good music. Not every song is a hit like all artists. But they got some songs that normal ppl enjoy.

          • t-stupid

            Tru dat i knew i waznt da only one thinking dat

  • Daniel King

    Them 2 trash so called rappers make me sick how half these garbage no talent people get in is a joke man they won’t Diss Cassidy back because man will destroy these fools In a rap battle them 2 jokes would just mumble a load of shit

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Yachty and Uzi not gonna clap back cus they know Cass wiill eat them mfs alive!

  • Supreme Trunks

    Yeah I like Uzi but I think rappers aren’t literally saying they are the problem. I think they mean that type of style and music. It’s hard for people coming from 90’s era rap where masculinity and lyrics were crucial. Now we have rainbow haired niggas that wear chokers without any actual lyrics getting in the rap game. I agree with you though….you can like both. I can listen to Uzi and go right into a lyrical person like Cole, Kendrick, Jay or Pac.. Music is a spectrum.