Cash Me Ousside Girl Danielle Bregoli Sentenced For Drugs & Theft

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  • Manny Bravo

    Considering all the charges, that’s a pretty light sentence. Must be nice to have that sort of privilege.

    *Check out my debut album on August 22nd. It’s called “We Gon’ Die Anyway!” and will be available on all streaming platforms, YouTube and Soundcloud.*

    • jurassicjrod

      what kind of songs, lyrics, beats can we expect from ur debut?

      • Manny Bravo

        I don’t want to give away and surprises or set any expectations. All I will say is that it’s 10 tracks long and self-produced.

        • HotlineQueef

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        • NYCityKid

          There’s a million Manny Bravo’s on SoundCloud which one are you?

      • HotlineQueef

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  • HotlineQueef

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