Cash Me Ousside Girl’s Dad Is Worried She’s Hanging Out With Kodak Black

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  • Astronaut

    I understand money is the motive etc etc, but as a parent, you cant tell me having your 14-16 year old daughter (whom nigs openly say would fuck) to get fly and rock booty shorts and rap bout sex and drugs is a good idea with little consequence?

    • smith jones

      That’s life bro.. I work at a doctor’s office. . I see so many teens looking like straight thots.. and the parents act Like noting wrong…

  • Melo

    He must not realize that voicing his concerns on social media will just push them further apart. Plus, she’s already lost.

    • 100squad

      Naw naw, she ain’t lost cause she found penis…& ain’t nothing less than an intervention is going to get her off it..

      • Melo

        Dick has nothing to do with her personality and lack of class. She’s lost.

        • 100squad

          Yea you right GPS , cant save her ass…

          • King T’Challa

            Not even waze my nigga?

          • 100squad

            Late but sheesh , you ain’t lied.

  • LoveBoat2smooth


  • 100squad

    The correct headline should have read..”Cash me outside girl dad is concerned about the amount & intake of black dick his daughter is receiving”

    • 100squad

      **correction** ingesting

  • Alex Lowery

    But where was he when she was disrespecting her mother and dr phil…

    • YoungPrime

      How bout dat…….

  • Scuba Steve

    haahaa dis bitch white as fuck

  • Scuba Steve

    her dad is a bitch, cant you see dr phil actually did more for them than you ever have in your snitch life

  • Gr8ness

    Bitch nigga needs to be concerned about being a bad father. If my daughter acted like this lil bitch she would get snatched up quick. The way this bitch act I thought she ain’t have a father in her life.

  • YoungPrime

    To be fair I wouldn’t wan’t any of my female relatives around that goofy actin nigga either. But since this Lil bitch’s success stems from being a white, ratchet, Thot, where was the dad during her upbringing?

  • Mike Savage

    Lol bitch where the fuck were u then, FYM bruh talkin all this shit but this the first time i ever seen his gay ass. Atleast black people get a W for this cus Black fathers arent the only ones leaving the fam Lmao

  • Craig

    Aye at least Kodak got a career. You know how many no good worthless broke ass niggas she done already let hit. Come on now.