Cash Me Ousside Girl Now Has A Rap Single [Snippet]

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  • Matt Leon

    I was prepared to laugh when i heard this song but it’s actually not too bad. Her lyrics ain’t the dopest I’ve heard but she was definitely not bad

  • HotlineQueef

    she is soo ugly only a nigger would take her ahahah

  • ChiCity300

    this is the new hip hop act dumb then drop a song look at the boonk gang nigga he just drop a song.

    • BeenASavage

      What?!?! Bro if muh fuckas understand this then this world is going down

  • Astronaut

    Her age changes every article. No R.Kelly shiit either

  • Amanwithnoname101

    Really trying to stretch those 15 minutes

  • Ben Blazon

    This ol, eyebrow lady from “Just go with it” lookin ass need to sit her wack ghostwriter having ass down fr… along with NBAGayboi too.. smfh
    Hiphopearly y’all gotta stop supporting/reporting weak shit like this. Leave it to HNHH and they’re gay ass commenters for this.

    • BrodieThaGod

      HNHH comment section is pure garbage

      • YoungTrevlizzy

        stfu fuckboi! i will have my goons from HNHH run train on u and ur grandma frfr!

  • BrodieThaGod

    Why this bitch sound like Swae Lee tho


    low key not too bad.. and Im strictly speaking from a delivery stand point. Lyrics and beat is typical 2017 shit but Im feeling the energy. She might be able to move a few singles, not too sure bout a full album tho

  • You mad huh?

    sound kinda good……wait wtf am I saying lol

  • perfect

    Obviously she has somebody writing for her. Delivery wasnt bad but I still cant. I just cant.