Is Cash Out Coming Out Of The Closet?

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  • Johnathan Dough

    Clearly gay.

    • Word. & the picture they decided to use of Cash Out is horrifying. Look like something from the ring or some shit.

      Ride around wit that PINK NINA!
      Smokin on that PENE!!

    • BigHomie

      Definitely gay

  • Zero

    “Could this be a simple innocent comment from bro to bro”
    Nah that shit was gay

  • DK

    He is from Atlanta…

  • HotlineQueef

    you honestly can see it in their faces and the way they rap, it sounds like they are taking dick as they rap. fucked right in their nigger ass holes. all pure fucking faggots and they need to burn instantly and evaporate from this world

  • bawse

    where this boys eyes at in the photo

  • Spookeysmoker

    Yea gay but whatever could care less hhe y’all only post gay shit drake shit and Meeks “Ls”

  • DaveyStoned

    what ya’ll didn’t think we knew they were gay? Every new rapper since like 05″ has been gay.

    • kushxchevys

      Davey ur just stoned sit dwn

      But ya cash out gay

  • Twiz

    Flaming homosexual

  • CDot

    If Thugga said it, it’s not gay, but this nigga cash out is GAY!!!!!!

  • nah b…id prob dragon punch one of my homies if they said sum like that to me

  • AmazingLilBastard


  • Alex Lowery


  • Leftty

    W.T.F , definitely believe this gay shit not going to take over HipHop. Not to discriminate against gay people, but HipHop culture is all opposite to what gay stand for. SO both dont go together.

  • damn bruh. it must have sucked for you growing to be too poor to ever play street fighter. damn b that’s just sad. it was bad enough that you had the struggle of being poor, but then you have to add on top of that with the struggle of being gay and broke. I feel sorry for you breh.

    • Craig

      I think you meant tiger upper cut…. if you are referring to Sagat from street fighter

  • You mad huh?

    i never told my homies i love their smile lmao what kinda ish is that.!! but the comment looked like one of those automated bot comments. i get those sometimes

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Ain’t no straight dude tellin another dude he loves his smile… No way

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    So it automatically post gay shit for him

    • Craig

      LTFOL…. I had to add a tf on that shit

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    So one unknown gay dude loves another gay dude smile and hhe thought it was news

  • Craig

    That’s a pretty specific auto reply. Usually the auto comments are like happy birthday or congrats.

  • Alex Lowery

    Hand isn’t even touching my face that’s a middle finger for you hombre you know to go with your L

  • you have entirely too much gay shit on your mind to be straight lol. hop out my notifications lil dude.

    • Cj Spear

      Like I said shit was gay. And if not then just childish. Either way you losing