Carmelo Anthony Is Pissed Slam Named Him 15th Best Player

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  • thedudesrug

    Rightfully ranked, the man is the poison of any NBA team he’s on. Fuckin ball hog.

    • Devin

      you sound dumb as shit boi….he took the Nuggets to the playoffs every year he was there….only reason he wasn’t in the finals is because of Kobe and Shaq

      • Young Flacko

        Even without kobe and shaq he wasn’t beaten the spurs come on now lol. Melo was not but he never had the second person to help out when he was on the nuggets. Same position he walked into in NY, wasted all his good years just chasing money.

        • Devin

          the Lakers already beat the Spurs….it was Nuggets Lakers in Western Conference finals….but he def never had the second man to help out

      • thedudesrug

        He won in the worst division in the western confrence at the time and had j.r in his prime. Moved to the east which is way easier to make playoffs and do well and hasn’t done shit with great talent around him. Why? Cuz he’s a Fuckin ball hog. Your dumb as shit he has the worst playoff record than any other NBA player fuck melo he’s the poison.

        • Devin

          who is this great talent he had…..and I’m a Knicks fan….who was the second best player he had…..on Nuggets or Knicks?

          • thedudesrug

            Amar’e, Tyson chandler, gallanari, mike bibby , Raymond felton, iman shumpert, j.r Smith. All those players have been further in the playoffs playing without him rather than with him. He succeeds statistically but his TEAMS never will. he’s a great ball player who won’t win a ring untill he’s to old and takes a pay cut and joins someone who can, or someone who can will join him.

          • Devin

            he never had a second great

  • Jay Tech

    What place melo think he was 15 might be too high LoL!

    • Leekluv216


    • Brandon Braxton

      Lol, I swore that’s what he was mad about at first

  • Astronaut

    Ben Simmons is not a top 50 player as a rookie. His ppg were avg at LSU but you can see his potential talent tho.

    • Supreme Trunks

      bruh the season ain’t even start yet

      • Astronaut

        My point and he is TOP 50. Nahh man i dont see it.

  • yung

    id switch the Anthony’s tbh

  • BrodieThaGod

    He should be happy with top 15. Everyone in front of him solid af. Not like its an insult to he listed as the 15th best in the world

  • Je’sus

    Lol klay and dam should switch klay would lock down that boi like in last years playoffs

  • Michael Tripure

    Hes better than thompson griffin leonard and lilliard

    • Devin

      not lilliard but you on point…chris paul good but he just a bully…im taking melo over chris paul, james harden and paul George…..Paul George I’m on the fence tho

      • KingoftheLand

        Not Lillard! Everyone has their opinion, but that boy was ballin against the Warriors in the playoffs and his team not as deep as Golden state. Lillard is Top 15

        • Astronaut

          Lillard is a streaky player. He shoot waaaay 2 much as well. He can ball tho he just over aggressive at times

      • Astronaut

        Hell yea Melo better than Lillard but def not the other folks u named. Especially if you touching on overall game not just scoring.

  • Leekluv216

    Melo in his feelings forreal, he lucky he 15 to be honest. Son aint even top 5 in his position in the NBA how in the hell are you gonna be in the top 15?! As far as Melo goes, I say they got it right I probably would place him between 15 and 20.

    • Astronaut

      He is top 5 in his position tho. If you were to randomly name elite SF right now youd put on ya team guarantee Melo would be ya 5th or 6th if not sooner

      • Leekluv216

        Most def not sooner but 6th sounds about right.

  • KingNelson

    Melo you ain’t been shit in the last 5 years bro…. You don’t pass, can’t play defense, you don’t make your teammates better, and you ruin your teams when you get there! Not even top 5 in your position. Enjoy those gold medals because you’ll Never Ever win a ship

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  • Frank Reynolds

    glad i got to see him play every game for cuse..

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    I think you could take Paul George, Anthony Davis, and Cousins out. One of them could/SHOULD switch spots with Melo….

  • yung’n realtalk

    He better than all them

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