Cardi B Goes Nuts After Comedian Disses Her

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  • chrisc12

    fuck cardi b and her trash music….repping some blood shit…on her music…all this music sucks…and those charts don’t mean shit when you wont prolly hit it again…I bet that’s her only one hit…where the f is young m.a at…..these one hit wonders lmao trash music

  • chrisc12

    these wack ass people these days say everything is a Diss….shit aint no diss…yall just bullshitting with your click bait

  • ReturN of Lord Hanzo Hittori

    this bitch said i talk to christ everyday knowin she goin to suck snort and smoke for 24 hours str8

    • black_mamba_fam

      Yeah…she snortin lines of coke off my dick then i bend her over and have her read me scriptures while I fuck her in the ass!!
      Who the hell are you to judge us goddammit!!!!!

      • ReturN of Lord Hanzo Hittori

        you say some stupid shit.

  • Leekluv216

    Straight clickbait! She wasn’t even talking to her lmao. Completely DIFFERENT lanes of life those 2 women are in.

  • Leftty

    Ho you aint a rapper, you just a stripper. Accept it.

  • perfect

    nicki minaj knock off sit down.

  • Astronaut

    Hardest part on her song is how the beat corresponds with the flow, then again, thats damn near a hater compliment. I can dig it tho

  • skram

    I wish someone would shoot that bitch in the face and finally rid us if her nonsense