Cardi B Speaks On Whether She And Migos’ Offset Are Engaged [VIDEO]

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  • JohnWiick

    Every hoe wants to get married, of course. SMH.

  • Dynamite

    I can see her being a comedian cause shes funny af lol!!

    • Astronaut

      She average

      • frankwhitedc

        At best

  • Astronaut

    Im thinking Cardi B a real one.

    • Tray Taylor

      She is but her voice is so fucking annoying I’m sorry

    • kushxchevys

      She fine as fuck too

  • Allen Smith

    She retarded but she’s a lil funny, but only because she’s retarded

  • frankwhitedc

    I don’t get it , these niggas could have almost any broad on earth , why settle for a ran threw ex stripper ? If get me a international bitch from zamunda nobody ever seen or heard of

  • d1gord

    I always say I’ll bang that back out right after I put my headphones on.