Cam’ron Snaps Back At Instagram Follower Who Said He Punched Him

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  • I beat his ass in 92

    • atlboy86

      Sure you did

    • Jezus Almendra

      You beat off to his ass in 92? Ewwww!

      • 7 month old comment…get with it fool

        • Jezus Almendra

          New to me foolio, just like it’s going to be new to someone else months or years from now. Get with it son.

          • foolio?…jesus fucking christ sound like you back in 92…you know youre THAT guy who likes the 187 week old instagram pic…creep

          • Jezus Almendra

            You sound stupid. STFU. I have a life. I don’t even have a dick riding Instagram. I came across that bullshit pic because I was reading another article. Who gives a rat’s ass how old it is cornball. Now go away. Shouldn’t you be beating off to somebody else’s ass?

          • cornball? wow. just wow.