Cam’ron May Be Coming For JAY-Z In New Track

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  • smith jones

    Let’s get back to diss tracks!. I like cam bars over J.. but J star dom and fans gonna dick ride

    • Allen Smith

      Naa fam I like cam but don’t act like Jay don’t spit, u just might not understand What he’s talking about

  • LatarionMilton

    “How’s the king of New York rocking sandals with jeans?
    Open toe sandals with chancletas with jeans on”

    • Vaped Krusader

      Cam isn’t wrong with his thinking.

    • FaboLoso

      then tru life knocked him out and gave him two black

      • LatarionMilton

        Knocked out Cam?

        • FaboLoso

          yup google it..tru life was signed to rocafella at the time

    • Dynamite

      Aye no lie i was just recently listening to that track lol!!!!

  • Astronaut

    Sometimes i just play the Killa Cam instrumental and just vibe for hours

    • 100squad

      Like that I really mean it beat…Them horns on their are retarded..

      • 100squad

        **there** for the grammar police get me..

    • Supreme Trunks

      i think i will forever be a cam fan.

      • Astronaut

        Same here fam

  • LatarionMilton

    One of my favorite diss records!

  • FaboLoso


  • FaboLoso

    nah happened

  • Samisback

    All he did was take Jay’s bars from moonlight and flip them he even said in the clip “I ain’t beefin with the family man” I agree with dude below it’s a reach..and even if he was dissing him, I highly doubt Jay would this point the only rappers getting responses from him is either Kanye or Drake, and those were light jabs.

    • Leekluv216

      LOL why isn’t this the top post in this thread?! He’s just spitting knowledge. All facts!