Cam’ron Blasts Karen Civil For Saying He Was Dumped From Def Jam Over Parking Spot

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  • she should sell her body to pay that back word life….

    • lrswissh

      Chill man that’s why women always calling men dogs

      • Orange Juice Jenkins Jr.

        No, this is why Men always call Hoes Hoes.

      • Frank White

        That’s not why….they call me. Dogs because they go after niggas who openly treat them like shit and fuck over or ignore the ones who treat them good. So it’s really on them…

        • Its the truth as you can see she isnt a no princess act like a smute get treated like one…..Pac said it the best can make a smut into a house wife

  • Just Los

    She too fine

    • Orange Juice Jenkins Jr.

      She just had a great photographer that day, smh

      • seandonjuan24

        Na bro I just did a google image search. Not dime material. But is she fine? That would be a yes

  • ChiTownT

    Aye that’s how you know them niggas was really eating to just charge 60 racks to the game. I’d have had to go see that bitch

    • Iamfears

      @ her head real quick!

  • ilikemusic.

    Say anything for attention….THE WORST kind of Thotty

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