Cam’ron Comes For Actor Michael Rapaport In Freestyle About Ownership [WATCH]

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  • Katman1117

    Screw Mike Rapaport. Baba Booey 4 Lyfe

    • d1gord

      And a Baba Booey to you

  • Retorik1

    Killa keep killin em politically wit dat old school new york delivery..jay said it best make a nigga die bleedin is nothin..ya make a mf die breathin an ya sayin sumthin..cant knock the hustle fools paradise remix..#Iwantdatoldshitback..

  • Thee_One1


  • Poopmaster

    Killa cam!

  • B Rabbit

    Go Hang Yourself LoL

  • Imwhite

    Why is he mad about the movie some white dude made 6 years ago when it’s this woman who wants the rights to the Dipset movie?

  • Melo


  • Blac

    Killa been the greatest ever since he got away with computers putin.

  • Remy was a poser aka now hipster lol he was the shit in paper soldiers though