Bun B Steps To Alleged Racist Who Gave Him The Middle Finger [VIDEO]

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  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    He should’ve peeled his muffin cap back blue

    • just another white nigga

      hahaha i forgot about that

  • just another white nigga

    beater did the right thing. he dont wanna end up makin a donation to this dudes cause. hopefully he put some of them notorious texas goons on him tho.

    i would have swung first, talked never.

    • Ur Mom

      And he’d be laughing while u in handcuffs

  • Thee_One1

    Make sure you dudes carrying legally so if they attack you can blow their head off….screw all the arguing and confronting….get in their head and defend yourself if these clowns start attacking. Do it the right way.

    • imaginationsequation

      Philando would disagree w u

      • Thee_One1

        sure but that doesnt mean you shouldnt….dont get scared off because of that…thats what they want

      • Thee_One1

        Also dont speak for the dead…

    • Astronaut

      sooner or later these gun permits wont even matter. Everybogy gone tote

      • Thee_One1

        they matter when you defend yourself and kill a supremacist…so people need to smarten up. We will worry about if they dont matter one day…we in the present now so carry legally

  • Dynamite

    This is old news. This happened last summer during the rnc in Cleveland. DJ akemdemiks is late af lol!!!

  • d1gord

    I thought big Bun was from the middle finger crew. Maybe the guy was shouting him out

    • Johnny Digits


  • perfect

    So because the guy flipped him off hes now a racist? Im sorry but I need more of the story.