Brisco Gets Four Years In Prison For Being A Scammer

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  • ChiTownT

    I hope some of y’all that’s out here moving with your eyes shut (especially you young niggas) really see the significance of this article. He got bumped because of a social media posting. If you out here getting down in the streets the internet is not your fucking friend. That shit you posting is gonna bring you down. Take if from a nigga that navigated these streets successfully and never been to the joint. Notoriety and crime don’t go together.

    • Food4Thought

      Real shit brotha

    • Astronaut

      These niggas is pretenders. They all live in the moment and dont think past tomorrow. They have 2 do shiit online and flaunt shiit because its easier to create an image that way. Me personally i dont claim 2 be from the streets but i definitely have some tendencies I carry along with me from being out here and around it.

      • ChiTownT

        A lot of us have had to fight to get out the gutter and I see aspiring to be a part of something that they should shun. Some of these dudes logic is totally illogical. It doesn’t matter where you from if it don’t make sense it don’t make sense. Salute bruh

    • Ben Solo


  • Astronaut

    Bra did this shiit 2 build his street cred and have more sincere lyrics. Saas

  • Food4Thought

    Boy you ain’t sorry for shit..You just sorry you got caught

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Stay off of social media if you’re gonna be living a reckless life……

  • kushxchevys

    Lmao i used to do that at lowes back in the day. Get swipers go to lowes and sell power tools on the low

    Its brazy he had to do this type of shit we did as kids to eat.

    • Lmao me 2 and that was back when they had the power tools down one long aisle just walk to the back of the store and out thru the lawn and garden area

      • kushxchevys

        Lmao ya even some times we would hit the emergency door and jump in a whip in the back. Jump on the 5 fw and bone out home! Lmao we did it cus we had to these guys do it for shit lol

      • kushxchevys

        Lemme find out this the homie mike from back 08 lmao

  • YoungTrevlizzy

    What a simp lmao!

  • LatarionMilton

    The Opa Locka Goon. I remember that video when the ran up and robbed this nigga while he was getting a haircut lol

  • dhusu

    this story old as shit

  • Skrynn $krylla

    Niggas forgot how fire that verse from him was on “Started out Hustling” with Wayne on C3…fucked up where he is now