Brandon Marshall Offered Twitter Follower Who Insulted His Mom 25K To Fight

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  • XLR8

    This deal makes no sense, if Marshall ends up fighting him he pays him 25k but if they don’t fight the guy want Superbowl tickets??? Other than getting his ass kicked how does he really lose in this? Marshall would really have to beat the dogshit out of him to get his money’s worth.

    • Anthony Scarborough

      Lol my name anthony 2 but marsh would beet this manz in 2 a coma fuk a ring lol street ting make him sighn sayn his fam cant sue if he dies or he cant sue if he sirvies lol big if 2 this guy a clown n juss loveing he got a nfl star to reply back to him he more cot up in the hype but he dont realize he gunna get fukd up so bad lol dkm

  • sean

    screw all of this! if i were him, id challenge him 2 fight with or without money being involved and fuck those superbowl tickets. kalla just needs his ass beat, not fucking tickets! lol

    • Anthony Scarborough

      Lol i bet if he change itto a street fight n he has to sighn contract cant sue if he dies or his family theses manz would shut the fuk up dkm lol theses dudes ainte really bout nothing but typeing n talking dkm they will see him in real life n shit there pants lol but marsh would get kick out nfl n probly sue for fuking up contract lol hes a busy guy n i dout he even cares about theses herbs lol dkm its juss u talk bout anybodys moms ul b seen n get a reply come on now lol
      He like win 3 more games we can do it pussy he wanna woop ur ass now u dont make the rules u wach the game clown lol im saprised he even replyd to this loser

  • YUNGshoota187

    i woud fight tha nigga for 25g’s even if i lose it aint shit cuz that nigga in da nfl so its alright but really tho he a bitchmade fuccboi for catchin feeling on da internet. fuckin faggit his mom prolly is a ho to real talk. ay brandi come at me u pussy ass nigga lol

    • Anthony Scarborough

      Lol really like i said street ting no ring u gotta sighn contract can sue if u die n ur family lol dkm u would not fight that man lol

  • ShortDogg

    Yes, I’ll knock his out easily! They don’t call me ShortDogg for nothing! I get under his ass. lil Nukka!

  • Jay

    Anthony G Kalla is clearly the worlds largest pussy. Not only did you start the beef but you puss out when he offers 25K?! LOL hope he sees you in the street, and curb stombs your bitch ass.