Bow Wow Says He’s Immune To All Of The Internet Jokes About Him

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  • Ahh Real Fudgin Monsters

    Niggas don’t care if he don’t mind. They are still going to crack jokes on bow wow regardless.

  • DonCDaCapo

    Jermaine at home like “no the hell u not nigga” aha

    • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

      Jd like you haven’t let me hit in a minute you ain’t getting shit

  • FaboLoso

    well considering he still has the picture that created all the controversy up on his instagram..yup I believe him, I believe if it affected him he would’ve took it down.

  • FaboLoso

    one thing you gotta understand about social media is..shit comes and goes, what could be popular one minute could be old the next..the bow wow challenge was the new it’s male rompers, shit I remember when jay-z got into that scuffle with solange in the elevator I thought he’ll never live that down..but by the next week they were on to something else.

  • The Incredible

    I’m a firm believer that after a certain $ amount niggas opinions become more irrelevant, nevermind opinions/jokes on the web.

  • NYCityKid

    He might be able to overcome the jokes. But it’s still a stain on his character. Along with all the rest of dumb shit he be doin.

  • just stop talkin and admit you got caught cappin for the millionth time

  • The internet should never define your character and people need not care about what the internet says because most people on the internet don’t say shit when you mush your phone in they face with the shit they posted they be quiet anyway he made millions why tf you mad bow wow only broke niggas and birches clown on the internet

  • Craig

    Just to put things into perspective. This nigga been in the game making music and acting for two decades…… today his net worth is reported at 1.5 million. That’s broke for celebrity status. Lil yatchy is worth like 3 mil