Bow Wow Isn’t Voting Because He’s ‘Mixed’

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  • Melo

    Him and Kanye have to see the same doctor and be taking the same meds.

  • BrodieThaGod

    This dude weird but I don’t blame him on the not voting. Fuck both the candidates, we fucked no matter what

    • Yepyep

      We more fucked with Trump. Hillary is a poser but Trump can’t win!! This election sucks lol!

  • damn he dumb as hell.

    • K.David

      Nah somebody has to take that title from Adrien Broner 1st…

      • damn what ab do to get on the coon list?

        • EmceeChen

          is voting for trump. but I mean so is Mike Tyson

        • K.David

          Lmao what didnt he do

  • Towlie

    vote for towlie,

    • ilikemusic.


  • Astronaut

    Say that shiit on CNN. And watch the death threats come in.

  • Youngflaco

    Niggas always disown their Black side until something happens to them and the only people fighting for them are Black people. Fuck him, Bill Cosby, Tiger woods and O.J.

    • BrodieThaGod

      Don’t forget Michael Jordan

      • Giovanni Kensmil

        Don’t forget your momma

      • Yepyep

        Right lol. Like didn’t you openly place millions of dollars into the mass incarceration business! I might be paraphrasing with the millions lol!

    • FireKraker

      i take it you didn’t read the part where Bow Wow acknowledged he has black in him by saying he’s mixed.

  • ilikemusic.

    Kanye 2020

  • DeAndre

    This is why this dude can never be supported by the hip-hop world ever again.

  • Herby Derby

    ……….Take this L shad

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  • eyesopen228

    bowwow a joke

  • xxthoughtxx

    If your black you should vote people died for the you to have that power, yes both candidates aren’t good, well write in who you want, its just the act which is special, BowWow likes staying in Trump Hotels, well if it wasn’t for people who fought, voted and died, we’d still be under some Jim Crow bull,, Remember its BowWow and all the other black entertainers, that we should stop supporting because they don’t support their people fully. With all this money in hiphop, no rappers have come together to open an Dept store in black communities to create jobs, but they got Circoc and Dusse for you to buy, to help their agenda, so its time for them to give back Jayz , Puffy, Oprah etc…. Are not for blacks for real, we praise and buy their stuff and they still won’t give a year of free shows, or give major money to black colleges or build health clinics, see the black panther party would of crushed these guys, understand who’s your real enemy, these people play the gambit…

  • E-go-tis-ti-cal

    Shit I don’t blame him,, voting is a waste of your time cus your votes don’t count…

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  • Andrew Shepherd

    Hes not bro