Bow Wow Gets Salty Because Future Is Nailing His Baby Mama

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  • Ghostface-

    definitely salty

    • 100squad

      He threw spice on his own game,..why you let something like that Get away from u anyway.. You ain’t want her & future giving her a future be it in a bed, in a pic or on a trip .He giving her some future bet that..

      • Music Magicbox

        ” why you let something like that Get away from u anyway.”

        So you the type to put up with the most just cause she look good? You do realize that these high maintenance chicks have the most issues compared to the average female right? Looks are not everything virgin.

        • 100squad

          Well if he was over her, & in anyway trying to express, believe or agree with any of that keyboard knowledge your trying to type of way… Then why he claiming he still hitting or getting his meat jerked? If she ain’t mean shit then he/you wouldn’t b in your feelings..if ya ask me she winning..

  • Matt Leon

    Bow is definitely salty. I do find it funny though how Future keeps getting with the women that Bow first had. First Ciara and now this

  • Rich blackman

    I don’t care what no one says. Woman don’t respect little niggas they can push over. Bob wow is a good looking guy with money. But if u take the money away bitches would fuck with him but get dick down by a manly nigga. Bow wow would cry if a bitch said his dick was chicken nuggets.

    • Ben Blazon

      Lol wtf??? Is u a “man”,,, a tranny or Caitlyn(both)??
      No straight dude would ever type some shit remotely close to this shit I’m responding to.
      Reevaluate ur comment on this “hip- hop site” and take that shit over to HNHH/TMZ.



      • Eptoday

        Haaaaahah a

    • Mike Savage

      Fuckin SUS

  • Astronaut

    Real shiit. I couldn’t date a girl that look too beautiful on a daily. Would mess up a nig self esteem. Fuck around and turn into a simp over her ass

    • Ben Blazon

      -Homer SIMPson

      • Ben Blazon

        Nigga, my girl is an aspiring model and she damn near a super model to ME… I’d be damn if I ever felt that way, especially being her backbone/#1 supporter..
        . Shit she does motivates me to better myself every damn day. Real shit…

        • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

          Yo bitch a tranny model fucknigga

          • Ben Blazon

            U still mad at me gayboi?

  • LatarionMilton

    1.that “kissing you with the same mouth” line. Does bow wow think this chick was a virgin before he met her?
    2. This the second (known time) future had a previous bow wow girl (ciera) which is weird. Why do these celebs all date the same people?

  • Mike Savage