Boosie Badazz Speaks On Learning His Brother Stole His Money

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  • SlimJuve25

    damn it was his brother i remember when he thought it was capital one that was stealing his money

    • Grey

      Haha yes! that is what I was saying!

  • Mike Power

    boosie prolly wont payin his brother shit, just like r.kelly wont payin his brother shit.. family the worst mofos too ever work for.. i don’t condone stealin, but trust me, i bet that his brother was just gettin by & where theres money, there’s thieves.. glad boosie got his paper back, but pay your folks.. why you think birdman ain’t payin wayne all that money.. because they think family get a pass

    • SlimJuve25

      that not it with birdman,he’s not paying wayne extra money cause he doesn’t have to, wayne signed for X amount and thats what birdman paid him, wayne seen what drake was making an noticed he was getting screwed, but with drake being there birdman doesn’t need wayne so he will wait it out til wayne runs out of money an have no choice but to go back to work, dirty but smart how the rich stay rich

    • Mike Donovan

      gossipin like lil ho

    • Killa Cam Newton

      Paid or not you going to be living and driving good with nice healthcare. Bet they never went hungry. Just greed