Boosie Badazz Doesn’t Regret Dissing Dead Rapper

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  • Astronaut

    Boosie against the world

  • it be like that sometimes. if I felt a certain kinda way about you and let it be know when you were alive it was for a reason, death won;t change that.

    • jurassicjrod

      then u need to grow up it’s all love in death…nothing matters…human petty problems…but i wouldn’t expect diff from u

      • smith jones

        Has noting to do with growing up.. it’s possible to not like someone. Jus cause you died don’tchange noting.. I wouldnt expect my enemy to like me all of a sudden since I’m dead

        • jurassicjrod

          thats the problem with you simple people……this is why they couldn’t build a Prodigy monument in Queensbridge…

          • Eversooften


          • jurassicjrod


          • R.Tyler

            Either love me or hate me when I’m alive but at least be consistent in my death. I would rather someone talk shit about me the same way whether i’m alive or dead. Just because you’re dead now doesn’t mean that all the dirty shit you did when you were alive didn’t make you a dirt bag. You don’t see jewish people going “man rest in peace hitler, I know you were a monster and did terrible shit but none of that matters now man cuz you dead.”

          • jurassicjrod

            LMAO!! ur comparing hitler to this situation!?!?!

            i guess arguing about ur feelings in the hood is tottalllly the same as genocide….

            maybe, u missed my point…i.e. maybe, human petty squabbles are fabricated by ur mind….death is final….no reason to carry feelings forward after somebody dies

            i can tell you are not emotionally available

            HITLER?!?? really??? this isnt the same scenario…DUH

        • Matt Leon

          Exactly. I got enemies and people that want me dead. When I’m dead, I don’t want them niggas to make a complete 180 and talk about “Rest In Peace, you were a cool dude.” Like nah, don’t make my friends and family think me and you was cool when I was alive. You can respect the dead without being fake about it.

      • lmao fuck outta here fam

        let somebody kill your moms and we’ll see if it’s all love after they die.

        • jurassicjrod

          ironically, you think you are explaining life to me?!?
          no one’s mom died here
          and if they did, once the other person is dead, the beef is over
          maturity on an online forum? from a dude called see otter?!? what ru, a svengali? foh

  • Queeky4

    Why did Boosie want Nu$$ie dad?

    • Lord_Farquad


    • Craig

      Because Boosie never had a dad you see. We need more dads in the hood so people don’t be a menace 2 society.