Bodyguard That Kanye Allegedly Fired For Carrying On With Kim Speaks Out

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  • jamaicasproblem

    kanya a bitch

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    Jealousy is a female trait.

    • ChiTownT

      “What you mad cause you push dimes and he sell weight”

    • Leekluv216

      There is a huge difference between jealousy and family. Kim isn’t a girlfriend that’s that man wife and mother of 2 children. This is one of those times where it is ok to not be “too cool” and go with your gut.

      • Twizz the Whiz Kid

        Every man who talks to Kim isn’t trying to bag her my dude. Kanye should be more than confident in himself to know that his “wife” isn’t fucking around on him… you never hear any of this type of shit about Jay when it comes to Beyonce. ‘Ye is just an emotional little girl with feminem tendencies, Kim wears the pants in their relationship.

        • Leekluv216

          I agree with you bruh, I don’t think nor did I say every dude that talks to Kim is tryna bag. However, we can’t tell Ye how to feel in a situation like this. Feminine or not, if that man felt dude was too close to his wife then that nicca gotta go bruh. Point blank period! In situations like this you would much rather be wrong a million times rather than be right once.

          • Twizz the Whiz Kid

            It takes 2 people to cheat though my guy, if dude was getting too close for comfort with Kim… then maybe ‘Ye should sit down & have a conversation with her. Buddy could’ve only gotten as close to her as she allowed him too, his wife should be cognizant of when being friendly with other men starts to become more than too much.

        • T Lefleur

          bruh Jay blocked Sean Paul back in the day

    • Barack Obama

      no its not

    • RainingOposites

      Cant judge if it was born out of pure jealousy or if this guy was genuinely crossing the line to the point of disrespect because we weren’t their and simply dont know what happened. It boils down to gossip and whos side of the story you choose to believe at the end of the day. I see Kanye being the type to reach and get offended over some slight shit so I dont blame you for airing in favor of the bodyguard though.

  • Craig

    This is why you cannot make a ho a housewife….. Its like tupac said… You on tour and now your bedroom is an open door. Men only get insecure like that when they know their woman is wit the shit.

  • fillmo

    Fuck that let me get close to her im gonna do my job but in between time I trying to bust, that’s Kim K., so Kanye ain’t wrong that’s his wife, any heterosexual male would do the same thing, niccaz wanna play that I’m to pimp/player to care, GTFOH!!!, I seen mega players crumble, but Kanye does seem like a asshole but he ain’t wrong, dude bangs her, his stock will go thru the roof and he know he tried that muthafucka lying!!!

    • Leekluv216

      PREACH my G!

      • fillmo

        Like for real though, keeping it 100 ain’t never hurt nobody except a fake and a liar!! I see you know where I’m coming from bruh!

  • Andre Owens

    im with ye on this one , you should always trust your instinct ..nigger eyes on your girl too much too many compliments ,stop it before he think he can make a move on her

    • XLR8

      I don’t know, looking at Kim’s type he doesn’t fit the bill. He looks much older than her too, I doubt Kanye had anything to worry about but Kanye looks like the type that could convince himself of anything.

      Seeing how this guy is carrying on about not having an affair with Kim Kardashian though, it seems like Kanye made the right call. I’m sure this is not the first time hired help has raised suspicion and was let go, why make a big deal about it now?

      • Andre Owens

        That’s true but this guy probably carrying on about it because he wants to be able to keep getting jobs .. Now he got this shit on his work history

    • John Doe

      cause you black dudes think anyone and everyone is all about pusssy.. unlike u he likes getting paid.. not pussy..

      • Andre Owens

        So if he was black youd be like yeah he was trying to fuck her .. GTFOH .. Pussy affects all races a pretty woman makes all races do stupid shit .. Your dumb john doe, fucking racist ass i bet you a Donald Trump supporter

  • burk

    This flabby muthafuka is a Chippendale dancer /gigaloo ..? He doesn’t even lift ! Smh

  • LT

    It takes two. What was her punishment?

  • Herbert HeavyUrb Ellison

    lets hypothetically say that nothing was going on its completely innocent your job as a body guard is to protect whom you are paid to thats a serious breach in security when your spending unnecessary time chit chatting with kim im not saying this is like that one secret service huy that was suspose to protect obama but chosed to get laid on the clock with a prostitute with whom he could of gotten away with if he had paid her im just saying how is the perimeter secure with you back turned aNd attention on kim only you are suspose to protect all members of the fAmily

  • Barack Obama

    White guys are dirty, he probably was making a move. They love throwing stones and hiding hands. That sums up their existence. Good job on catching that snake Kanye.

  • Will Kalynuik

    kanye is a bitch, he needs to worry about his bank not some used up whore

  • Leekluv216

    Y’all niccas clowns! Cats kill me calling Kim a hoe, whore, etc… What makes her a hoe? Just because her life has been in the public and every dude she fucked we feel we know doesn’t make her a hoe. She was in either a long term relationship with these niccas or even married for that matter. She made a sex tape with a dude she was with for yrs… Half the dudes in this thread IN LOVE with a broad who’s fucked more niccas then Kim, and probably made a tape with a local nicca and didn’t get paid shit lmao. I would happily wife KK up! And try my damness to live happily ever after lmfao

    • fillmo

      I’m starting to think you’re really Kanye trolling these replies. Would I bang Kim K.= Yes, Would I wife Kim K.= Hell to the Nizzah( No ) there is a fine line between fucking a fine woman and making a fine semi-hoe my wife, that shit just ain’t gon fly cuz.

      • Leekluv216

        Troll, fuck no! Interesting convo, I’m down for it. Again, Fil you have yet to answer the question of the day. Its easy to call her a hoe but what makes her a hoe? All because her life has been on display since adulthood and we can almost put a face to a name in conjunction with her body count? Is that ur logic?…

        • fillmo

          Okay, Kanye lol cause only you would want a answer to this question, but I said semi-hoe that’s a difference, and she has basically had visual sex with every straight man in the world that has seen her, only left to the imagination about her is how it would really feel, we’ve all seen every body part she has, her nude body is nonexclusive to millions, when anybody see her, you immediately think ( brace yourself Kanye) she on that tape with RayJ, your mind wonders how is famous, cause she fucked somebody. What sane person wanna enter a real loving relationship with a person like that, but I would hit it in a minute given the chance, but wife her hell nah!!! That’s my logic but hey I’m just commenting on a blog.

          • Leekluv216

            That’s what I figured you were standing on, which is not a bad “argument” its just the typical argument when discussing her. I look at as a business my g. Can’t speak for the sex tape she did with her BF she was in love with but posing nude fed her kids kids kids my nicca. Not sure if ur married but u wouldn’t NOT marry a female if she did that nor would you get a divorce just because she did that. She’s a model, that’s her job! Not a model citizen of society but a person who stands in front of flashing cameras to get paid due to her crazy star power. You gotta respect the hustle my g. Broads regular niccas like us pipe fucking niccas for free with no regard but we all stand and judge KK as if there’s moral’s in business. We agree to disagree which is fine. I appreciate the convo w/o the disrespect and name calling. Be easy bruh

          • fillmo

            One more thing Kanye I rap I’m nice too, just slide me some beats I agreed on firing the security guard dude. Lol later bruh.

          • Leekluv216

            I just noticed u called me Kanye lmfao…too funny nah bruh.

  • Just Los

    u see i think if ur girl is gonn hoe she gonn hoe… its just a matter of time

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    If you feel Threaten or Insecure by a body guard then you have issues.