Bobby Shmurda Sentenced In Prison Shank Case

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  • Johnathan Dough


    • sosarozay300


    • OG C-NOTE

      for what tho?? that nigga is pure trash.

      • ant

        So just because you don’t like his music he should stay locked up? That’s some fucked up logic get your head straight little man

        • OG C-NOTE

          He aint serving society no purpose.. he destroying the youth. Yea keep that sorry ass piece of shit locked up!!

        • Bill Jansen

          Nigga an u want him free cuz u like his trash sooo wtf free a criminal what is your family caughtt a stray bullet would you still say free bob


    • G.O.A.T

      Yes cause you read it!!! BUT.. hold up before you start acting like a bitch, let me say, I agree with with you, who gives a fuck about this nonsense! Niggas already in jail plus it’s running concurrent so nigga gonna still do about the same shit!! Anyway fuck HHE and just because, FUCK YOU TOO!!

      • Fuck Shmurda. Fuckin one hit wonder clown. Fool aint even news. Remember SHYNE when he got out of the can? (and got deported) NAH me neither! LOL