Bobby Shmurda Involved In Gang Fight In Prison

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  • Jayrado SmokedOut

    They got that nigga bout a week ago week ago lol

    • vapaperboi .


      • Jayrado SmokedOut

        Eat a dick fuck boy.

  • Junko Mihori

    I just noticed but Hip-Hop Early may need to be dissmissed. These niggas is out hype shit up for no reason. I mean, gangsta rap is not an easy life to maintain especially if you claim to be real.

  • HipHopFan

    Hes locked up not on vacation of course there will be brawls especially on the island at least he will be able to rap about it ahh ahh ahh ahhhhhhh…..

  • dj

    Probly be in in there till next summer hes a one hit wonder anyways

  • Marvo Rashad Miller

    This site secretly putting more dirt on his name with that title.

  • Bookey Tentoesdown

    Stay out his business, dats what tha fuck yall need to do

  • pump_my_sweetcheeks

     If you hit a man, in time his wounds will heal. If you steal from a man, you can replace what you’ve stolen. But always cross in the green, never in between. Because the honorable Elijah Muhammed Ali floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. And always remember my brother, one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, knick knack, paddy whack, give a dog a bone, two thousand, zero, zero, party, oops! Out of time, my bacon smellin’ fine.

    • iPhone

      Lmfao you win

  • TheTrooth

    you can see this picture and just know this dude was goin to lose it all. His eyes say “I’m a shmoron”

  • Karim Johnson

    Some of yall comments have bozo written all over it. …just read the suspects charges who were involved….bogus/propaganda….you should of jumped off his dick just a week ago week ago

  • Jay $tack$

    Dude missing out on so much money right now
    Hope this is a wake up call for him

  • Jermainee

    I guess we won’t be seeing Shmurda for a while. He’s up to coonary in jail, god damnit.