Blac Chyna’s Side Piece Ferrari Returns Big Money Gifts In Cheating Row

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  • d1gord

    Money stopped lol. But she still gonna make rob pay for that vulture lawyer

  • HotlineQueef

    so this stupid drug dealing nigger just showed the IRS that he has 135k. good job ass hole now you have to pay taxes on ur nigger drug $ or go to jail.

    • Da Truth

      Dude paid with credit not cash the irs doesn’t normally make you pay taxes on your good credit.

  • Blac

    Her sex game must be on 96′ Bulls level.

    • aBallerDotCom

      The Game said the top game was on point on that one song.

  • Supreme Trunks

    She literally following Amber’s playbook page after page. How niggas simpin’ so much? Bruh she was a jump n u buying her jewelry? I’m too confused right now.

    • Lord_Farquad

      I was thinking the EXACT same thing. -_-” lmao How is it you’re a SIDE, and YOU’RE tricking?? I thought it was supposed to work the other way around???

    • aBallerDotCom

      Amber has more class. At least she has the decency to so-called break up with the person she’s with before going onto the next one.

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    She must have some good pussy, for niggas to be doing shit like this.

  • Tvedt Overton

    So this what the games all about ha? Smh.

  • Lord_Farquad

    Werd…it’s gotta be something, ‘cuz he gotta go hang out with Rob now. : lol

    • SlimJuve25

      he did tell rob in one of those texts he wanted to link up so he could get his name out there, this shit really has nothing to do with rob tho tmz following the guy right now an this is his way of staying relevant playing victim

  • she just messin wit dudes who not in control of they dick and they emotions.

    sex and sympathy cuz…good sex and make a nigga feel sorry for her, or feel what she “feel” some way or another. once a chick like that got them hooks in you it’s a wrap.

  • Trip6

    My biggest gripe with the community right now is the high percentage of the currency of dedication in a brother or a sisters life that is spent on jewelry. I mean anybody living in the elite tax bracket and really really can literally afford to throw away millions of dollars; obviously are exempt from this. However for everyone else and particularly those who are not millionaires, spending from thousands to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands on some jewelry is the highest grade of sucker participation.
    Shit is poisoning the culture mentally, seeding generations that associate self worth with money as opposed to feeling worth of self. Atrophy is a horrible disease. It effects all humans who look else were for the strength they can’t find in their own body. The black community in america is suffering from diaspora-induced stubbornness in an attempt to forge an identity and protect it. That is why our atrophy needs to be watched particularly closely, because our culture is newly defining, we need to take it off auto pilot; and craft it intelligently to consider things like growth and sustenance.

  • black adam

    WHO THE FUCK IS BLACK CHYNA? she a rapper or a wwf wrestler or something?

    • SlimJuve25


  • SlimJuve25

    lmao she didn’t finesse the side dude, he’s a rapper this is a stunt to him he already admitted that an to rob he couldn’t afford the lifestyle, he only did this to play victim instead of home wrecker, cmon bruh if you had that much money would you be wearing someone else robe in pictures, rob said the shit was even in the dirty laundry an dude had it on like it was clean nasty shit

    • Supreme Trunks

      bruhhhhhh not the dirty laundry smh. He went thru the hamper!? smh

  • FaboLoso

    smart man, get out while you still can

    • SlimJuve25

      he had no choice, seems to me blac chyna move on after rob melt down, dude was begging rob for money an help with his rep, once she notice she had more money then he did chyna moved on, most people might say rob took an L but i think he won, got two cars back jewelry an shit on new fling as a bum, exposed chyna as a no good mother gold digging, she couldn’t get child support if she wanted too rob will win child hands down

  • Lady Kai


  • fonzo517

    just cause you come from money doesn’t mean your smart with it

  • the professor

    i’m so tired of hearing about this nasty ass bitch who got famous after being a stripped for having a baby with tyga. She’s just like kim i don’t know which ones worse the sex tape or baby?

  • Jay $tack$

    I don’t feel sorry 4 none of these simp queen suga was niggaz

  • ThatsJustYouByYourself

    She’ll end up back in the hood soon I’m sure. I don’t even know who Ferrari is either

  • aBallerDotCom

    Got the side dude buying jewelry and the jeweler on twitter trying to get attention looking stupid while ruining his business at the same time.

  • aBallerDotCom

    Correction, she has children…

    • Supreme Trunks

      You right

  • Craig

    Mark. How the fuck you buying shit for a woman that’s fucking you while she with another dude that you know about. Chyna must have that Erykah Badu ass making niggas act funny wearing turtle necks and p coats.