Blac Chyna Gets Called Out For Rampant Drug Use

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  • Whitedude

    Who fucking cares? We all know crack/methheads. This bitch ain’t shit but a fake ass and ugly titties.

  • Daniel Palmer

    I would too if my body looked like a bear suite

  • Music Magicbox

    KARMa baby 🙂

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    She dun fucked up messing with them Kardashians, they are witches lol.. I notice the Kardashians & Kylie love dating the black race. Foul cause somethin bad always happens to the person they’re dating.

    • Kîńğ Ōf Ţhê Šky

      Lol real talk

  • Millssoleany

    Kill yourself crack Chyna.

  • Michael Patrick

    Another Kadashian Crackie That family makes more Pookies than New Jack City

  • jurassicjrod

    some people aren’t strong enough to make better decisions……we should feel bad for her, for her low intellect, her trashy aesthetics, and her classless attitude…very sad, but also, maybe we should stop people like her from CREATING HUMAN LIFE….that’s the real sad part of this story….feel bad for her spawns

  • PenGriffeyIII

    “stripper-turned-reality-star-turned-rap-wannabe” haha