Blac Chyna Explains Why She Sent Rob Video Of Her Kissing Another Man

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  • Miami_Mayor24

    This bitch went from shaking her ass at King Of Diamonds to an ABC News interview. I can’t even be mad at this bitch

  • kushxchevys

    Lol u just a ho fo life

  • Craig

    It’s like a decade and a half ago pimps were popular hood figures that made it to mainstream. Remember pimpin Ken and bishop Don magic Juan. Now the hoes have come up doing high profile interviews. Being called models and shit. How did hoes become a thing. Hoes been out here since before Jesus walked the earth.. Why all the love for deez hoes all the sudden

    • Skrynn $krylla

      Realist comment on this topic by far!

    • Gr8ness

      It happened when niggas like Kanye and tyga started wifing these hoes and niggas like drake shouting them out in songs and shit. It’s a complete 180 from the way it used to be cause niggas out here simping for these hoes now.

    • Astronaut

      Craig you been hanging out with money Mike again haven’t you…. you just msea fact tho

    • 100squad

      Massa, somebody done stole the Bacon,.. That first part was just some wild shit it coincides with all these thot pockets out here. If they was yard rakes these hoes still be useless.. I’m going against yeezy for once, its his fault all this happened.. Kim showed em dreams do come true

    • the short answer:

      women with penis envy(feminists)
      their symbolically castrated sympathizers (male feminists)

      • Craig

        So sad bruh. I told my wife. I have always been one to respect real women and their rights. But I told her I’m tired of these bitches now a days. Now we got commercials with ugly women in sports bras doing yoga talking about their period WTF…

        • bruh they just outta control now…they went from wanting rights to just flat out wanting an advantage lol. and dumb ass spineless men are just watering the tree that will eventually hang them.

          pretty much every feminist rant today can be summed up into “women don’t want consequences for their actions, and even though men have literally created almost everything in the world that makes life better for everyone — they can’t say anything about whatever women do”

  • RaDizzle

    She gonna play her role like she da victim chek dat hoe bakground she got a bigga plot comin

  • Astronaut

    There’s layers of make up on these 2, i mean damn. Looking like melted nutty bars

  • Poopmaster

    This bitch was in nbc news? Damn what this world coming too?

  • just another white nigga

    snoop said it in 94 “we dont love these hoes!”

    what happened?

  • Da Truth

    Jus being real you can’t hate on this hoe….the Kardashian clan made a humongous living off this shit so Chyna following the playbook trying to cash in ……these big money niggas putting these hoes on

    • Lol shoe

      You can because she is trying to do it to every man lol. She prob think’s she is highend, amazing chick.

      This is why you don’t pick up strippers.

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    He fell for a body bro

  • Lol shoe

    He was warned by everyone, by his sisters, his mom, his whole damn family told him not to get involved with her.

    Now look.

  • yolkipalki69

    Fuck this thot

  • Omar Alessandro Henriquez

    man shes a waste of space

  • d1gord

    And got a baby by this hoe. She set for life. And he fucked for life. Never gonna be rid of her. Well played, chyna