Birdman’s Instagram Hacked; Things Get Weird

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  • Yung Shoota Pt2

    Tell that nigga how to spell. Hell I even bet Young Thug can spell more accurate

    • Dundada


  • Phenom1250

    You guys be reaching with your article re-directs.

  • gunman

    Who cares

  • MrMc Clay

    I bet they have all the pics of him with man that’s why they said the best is yet to come.

  • LOL

  • John Best

    Suspect. suspect. suspect. You’re all homophobes, and this community has it’s own little term for anything non-gangster; suss. It’s the lamest little elementary school type bullshit I’ve ever seen come from hiphop.

    Not to mention, nobody fucking cares about this until something happens in a courtroom, and papers are signed, and everything is cool after.