Birdman Throws Drinks At Lil Wayne At Miami Club [VIDEO]

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  • austin2pr

    Honestly They need to kiss n make it n get back to the money n stop bullshittin

  • YungShoota

    Smh gay ass niggas. These niggas was fuckin now birdman fuckin young thug n tyga fuckin trannys. Drake fuck men to n niggas act like its all good SMDH. Rap game all fucked fam. Where the real niggas went?

    • HighZenBerg

      Too jail or dead!!!

    • Deeznutsforu

      This nigga yungshoota so gay..that’s all u say fuck boi..this nigga gay that nigga gay..dawg did u get molested wen u was lil…lmao..let me guess come see u in Newark that u make 6 figures but on here like u live on the net..ol soft ass racist fuck boi..Uve been exposed and u were never locked up bruh so stop talking that garbage…let the yungshoota shit talking start…lmfao

      • kushxchevys

        Nigga lives on this shit. And nigga thinks he did big time 3 months lmaoo

    • Senpai Gundam

      Do you have any evidence or are you talking out of your ass?

    • Kola kisses

      Real talk, this shit is out of control aint no more loyalty in the rap game or world these days left i guess niggas wanna make they dicks pussy and or stra8. Ass shots lmao but they gang bangers tho, BIRDMAN YOU FAKE ASS FUCK!!!!AND THEM LIL CHERRIES YOU TRADED YO SON FO WILL BE THE ONES THAT TAKE YOU OUT THE GAME NIGGAS PROBABLY FULL OF AIDS AS WE SPEAK….

  • Blaque Cansa

    Birdman or should i say Birdbitch has ways of a bitch ass nigga…who throws drinks @ someone during their performance???

  • Darrell Anthony Aaron

    His new name is Birdman Sandusky. Gay jews run the music industry thats why a record label would sign a gay rapper that sounds like he’s getting pounded at the same time he’s recording over a non gay rapper that sounds the same.

    • Senpai Gundam

      Please, just… Please.

    • TheKingShaun

      Nigga… Wtf are you talking about ?

  • Don’t be afraid

    Bird man standing up there like Day of the Geetchie.

  • ShaneM34

    Birdman just mad FWA was fire

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    This nigga Birdman throwing drinks at Wayne like females do each other, that’s some Love & Hip Hop / Basketball Wives type shit. That was a bitch move, he’s a lemon lame, sap sucker for puling a publicity stunt like that… that’s ho shit.

  • Johnny 8Ball

    Future is the rap Jesus coming to save us all from the weakness of the game

    • Senpai Gundam

      I almost took you seriously.

    • TheKingShaun


  • Samisback

    the video up above doesn’t show anything it’s pretty’s just the same loop

    • Phenom1250

      Real talk, you cant even hear what Wayne is sayiing

  • Densel

    Lmao Birdman is stalking Lil Wayne

  • Eric Toomer

    This some old hoe ass shit from Birdman! I had a lot of respect for Birdman before this Tyga and especially Wayne situation. Wayne need to whoop his bitch ass one on one!

  • Et cet·er·a

    That nigga Birdman salty af