Birdman Settles 2Pac Art Lawsuit

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  • qgreen100 .

    Nigga don’t never pay for shit, he gonna learn one day

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      What he gon learn? How to finesse suckas? Pretty sure he know how to do that already

      • Allen Smith

        Cute…… but you know what he is talking about

  • Issa lie

    Nigga worth hundreds of millions. Why you trying to finess everybody? Shit is crazy

  • Wakeup

    Bird don’t wanna give up a dime… SMH

  • Wakeup

    Word.. Nigga stingy af

  • frankwhitedc

    10k for that b.s. ass collage, smh I switching up , going 2 the art game fuk dat

  • ChiCity300

    he need to fire his accountant