Birdman Can’t Get Into Nicki Minaj’s Pre Grammy Party

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    Hahahahahahaha now that’s sum funny shit!!

  • Angelina Waterlilly

    Birdman is fake,he thought he was going to show up the last 15 minutes and take pictures with Nicki like they were best friends.Guess not!

  • nigga45STFU

    Why does birdman head look like a dragon ball?

    • ThisNiggaClowninB

      I died, came back as a ghost and posted this

  • Allen Smith

    Smh, Y do I feel bad for this fucker

  • IBangWSHHoneys

    lol birdman is gay as hell

  • YUNGshoota187

    LOL that nigga birdman a sucker ass nigga. stick to fuckin boys u gay ass pedo ass nigga u done in this here rap game real tlk.

    • LocBox

      On everything this clown is the definition of a sucka..everything is commin back on him now and it’s beautiful haha

  • grimdiglah

    Call birdman the broke back booty bandit

  • Trey P

    Money was talking louds as that shirt was. That’s still a shame though. He her manager


    Violated birdman : I would’ve been tight

  • 100squad

    Ya’ll leave birdman alone, he had to wait for young thugg nails to dry..he the #1sucka