Billboard Ranks The Top Ten Rappers Of All Time

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  • ilikemusic.

    Ohhhhhh let the games begin…..I see Kendrick fuckin Lamar earned him a spot….Where’s Drake though? hmmmm. The Kendrick Lamar EP. Overly Dedicated. Section .80. GKMC. TPAB. Get educated!!!

    • CLOVER•

      Chill b

  • ilikemusic.

    Oh and Eminem should be 3rd behind Notorious and Rakim, not Jay Z, put him 5th and Nas 4th.

    • Nah list would be decent if Pac was number one then the list was in that order with a few taken out.

      • ilikemusic.

        Yea, I noticed the no Pac thing…Not quite sure what that is about. Then again it’s tough limiting the list to just 10. A top 20 would’ve been more appropriate….slide Wayne n Kendrick a little further back and throw in Pac, KRS-One, maaaaybe even some Snoop

        • Ye’

          How would not be in top 10?

  • Jonathan Stegall

    And im like where tf is 2PAC????

    • CountyBoy561-610

      Thank you!

    • Mike Fame


    • Christian McDonough

      My thoughts exactly or eazy

      • top 15 dead or alive

        15. Soulja Boy

        14. Kendrick Lamar

        13. Biggie

        12. Travis $cott

        11. Kid Cudi

        10. Future

        9. Pac

        8. Nas

        7. Andre 3000

        6. Eminem

        5. Gucci Mane

        4. Lil Wayne

        3. Kanye West

        2. Jay Z

        1. Drake

        • Eric

          Lmfao!!!! What?! Hell no . As if ud even put soulja on there haha. Gucci sounds like an idiot 99% of the time, kanye’s ego trippin now and its fuckin up his entire carrer ,Garbage music from him now. Future deff dont belong on here and Drake deff dont belong at #1 . I got mad love for drake but theres been way bigger impacts in hip hop then drake

          • Gladys Gorney

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          • Vuitton, The Ruler

            Can’t be too mad at her, this is her generation. And thier music is a lot diffrent then what we have or had.

          • Craig

            but then she should have stuck with only rappers from her gen…. She Got Gucci on a list with Nas Pac Em Andre and Jay.

          • Vuitton, The Ruler

            She’s a young head, the music they listen to is waaaaaay diffrent from ours. *shrugs* I don’t agree with her list, just saying it music from the 2003 – 2015 era.

          • mike

            lmao look at the source tho man thats y..she put soulja boy on a top 10 list.i can’t believe you thug isn’t there too…and travis scott…does he have enough music to be the best rapper…like rap really is going to shit..she put biggie and was and especially andre on there jus cuz she had seem likee she new somthin guarenteedshe doesn’t know where andre was at b4 outkast lol….b4 google atlas lol the list isn’t about who’s popping right now….its all time sweety

          • He put DRAKE number 1! lol

        • kushxchevys


        • Kevin

          What the fuck…

        • Craig

          Lets see you got soulja boy on the list and then you got Kendrick as second to the bottom…. so he’s only one notch better than soulja. Then you got Gucci at 5… he beat out Nas Pac Andre and Em???? Your top 15 list can also be used as the top Ten things a crazy person would say.

      • Dion Willis

        Y would they put easy way rap he wrote

    • CLOVER•


    • vapaperboi .

      pac was my dude..but he was more of a ..cant explain it..he spoke 2 us.told us the truth about life and whats to become of life.he was just something else i wouldnt put him on that list either

      • KawantA

        “They dont like it when you telling the truth, I rather be realer than you”

    • fried rice

      Pac won’t make it because he was to deep and exposed to much shit

  • CountyBoy561-610

    Lil wayne Lauren hill andre 3000 nas ghostface all come before PAC ??? Are they crazy?

    • jay

      Andre & nas are better than him. Idk how Kendrick Wayne or Lauryn made that list

  • Lost


  • Thomas

    Billboard: KILL YOURSELF! And please, take out everybody who agrees with this fuckery first!

  • SY

    Man if you don’t get kendrick and Lil Wayne out of there

    • Ye’

      Fuck you mean wayne has done as much for hip hop as anybody

      • SY

        I don’t think he belongs in the top 10. Thats just me tho

      • kautious18

        He helped pave the way for young thugs–bunch of kids tatted from the forehead down— what positive effect did he have on today’s music or anything else—drizzy?

        • Ye’

          He brought lyricism back to the mainstream are you kidding

          • kautious18

            How did he bring lyricism back to mainstream—didnt wayne run become heavy between 2004-2006—-isnt that the time most other artist started gettin blackballed by mainstream–n by 2008 all there really was left was wayne jeezy ti jay and drizzy was coming n i think—now its rarely any wayne no ti no jeezy—jus a lot of folk weezy opened the door for n todays music— and todays mainstream music for the last however many years have been horrible— can’t knock his time on top–but the aftermath of his reign is anything good–well unless u like drizzy n young thug

          • Ye’

            Even your Kendrick Lamar’s and j Cole’s have opened up about how big of an influence wayne was to them idc who you are at one point in time wayne was your favorite rapper

          • kautious18

            Waynes nowhere near my favorite ever—the first few drought albums were kool tho—young thug drake and others r product of wayne— not cole or Kendrick—waynes reign and his over flooding of the market done more damage than good—also it seems an artist would have to say the popular artist name jus because anything Else would be hating

          • jay

            Naw there’s a reason Kendrick asked to do the beats on the Carter 3 as a mixtape & Wayne was cool with it. Cole has said Wayne was an influence on him. Idk how he’s on this top ten but he is influential

          • SY

            Lyricism? Lil Wayne??? then again I wouldn’t expect a person with lil Wayne as his profile pic to say anything else lol

          • i cant even understand him half the time. lol

          • ILLAmusic

            Lyricism? Lol. When did this happen?

    • Frank White

      I bet if Wayne was dead you would put him in the top 3…

      • SY

        No the fuck I wouldn’t lol foh with that

  • Mike Fame

    If pac aint on the list, then it’s not Valid.

    • CLOVER•



    They Hoeing My Nigga PaC

  • Enrique Zamudio

    Tupac wasn’t even that good of a rapper to begin with

    • Matthew White

      U crazy

    • CLOVER•

      Die slow

    • ymb Tray

      Ur dead wrong

  • ILLAmusic

    Wayne and no pac? The fuck? Lol

    • Ye’

      Wayne deserves to be on that list don’t try to bullshit so does PAC

      • ILLAmusic

        LMAO calm down g. Did I say he didn’t? I said “Wayne, and no pac”. Not “Wayne is shit” lol. I don’t feel he’s top 10 but that’s just me. There’s a ton of artists I would put up over Wayne

  • 2PacShakurShortD

    lmao if you dont add gucci mane everybody already knows ur list is amde up and sucks ass

    • TKingLives

      Free Wop

  • NaZe

    just glad ghost is on that list

  • Matthew White

    Where’s 2pac, jeezy, and t.I.

    • disqus_Nlub0tfewQ

      J Cole

  • TKingLives

    I’m sorry but Kendrick Lamar doesn’t deserve to be on that list either, once he’s released a 4th and 5th album then maybe but even then it’s debatable. I like him just as much as the next hip-hop fan but damn he just hasn’t done enough yet to be up there. Also not having 2Pac up there ruins all there credibility as list makers anyway so whatever hahaha.

    • ilikemusic.

      True, but in all fairness if you start with the Kendrick Lamar EP and listen in order….O.D. , then Section .80, GKMC, then TPAB….it’s just a beautiful narrative unfolding mixed in with lessons, lyrics, right and left field beats. Yes the first two were released as mixtapes but give the man credit….he’s 5 for 5 and it’s only just starting to take shape.

      • TKingLives

        Hmm, I agree with what your saying to a point but does that put him as a top 10 best ever artist? In my opinion no. Why not J. Cole then?

    • Christopher Manley

      Not saying that BIG doesn’t deserve to be on the list but for the sake of conversation he only had two cds

      • MasonLestat

        My thoughts exactly…

      • Shay P.

        Both were classics tho, that i still listen to to this day.. But yea pac not being on the list makes it invalid

    • david lopez

      1. Youngest head nigga in charge
      2. Kendrick Lamar
      3. Overly Dedicated
      4. Section.80
      5. Good Kid M.A.A.D. City
      6. Welcome to compton
      7. Black Hippy 2
      8. To Pimp a Butterfly
      9. Untitled Unmastered

      thats 9 albums right there my dude.

  • JJ Jackson

    There’s lil wayne but no Pac?

    • Ye’

      There should be both don’t be stupid

  • Steven Brown

    Yall are smokin crack if Pac aint top 3

  • Sylvanus Slashnanny Ayettey

    Fuck it Pac is a god he needs no rankings

  • Sciz

    Don’t get mad over the list. It was only their staff’s opinion which makes it irrelevant

  • A Jay

    ?? Wyd? Pac had to be left out to create buzz only 1-5 is good but Pac instead of Rakim.

    • Chamar Little

      Tupac idolize Rakim, so Rakim can stay in his spot

    • SkygodStudios

      Pac instead of Rakim? but Kendrick can stay? Lol

      • A Jay

        Only on top 5

  • lindi

    Where’s 50?

  • OVOGrayson

    They spelled Eminem wrong……..

  • Mike

    Exactly Jonathan

  • Mec-One

    I see billboard ranks up there with complex when it comes to knowledge of hip-hop……smh…….

    Nothing to see here…….

  • Frank White

    Take Ghostface and Kendrick off their…Kendrick hasn’t even done nothing to cement him into legend status honestly..Personally I think he not really improving as an artist all that much..he might be going in a different direction but it’s not really an improvement…

    • SkygodStudios

      I agree with you on Kendrick but Ghost got a sick body of work if anything Lauren Hill should not be there, she only had one solo album but they gotta have a female I guess? And Pac should be on there above a few of those names… imo

      • Frank White

        ha I completely forgot her name was up there..shows how serious I take women…I guess I haven’t listened to enough Ghostface to formulate a more accurate opinion on him, but yea I’m disappointed in them not putting Tupac in there…he top 5 easy..shit I’d throw DMX in there if he stayed consistent

  • Ratchet God Rep That Cap Life

    That list put together by white people so really have to take it with a grain of salt

  • Hood Oracle

    Amazing billboard actually has a solid and credible top 5

  • SY

    So I just found out about big L. HOLY FUCK!!!!

  • No Drake?

    • Frank White

      I’d put Drake over Kendrick..dude accomplished way more..but honestly they didn’t put Tupac so this list lost all validity after that

  • Rookie

    Numbers dont lie 2pac sold more albums (41.5 million) than eminem (37.5) r kelly (33.5) jay z(29) usher (22). What they are using is time span on charts. But FVCK Billboard!

  • ReddBeatzz305

    Niggas act like Tupac had the craziest lyrics…

    • Legendary Trolly

      Tupac can rap like a mf but people remember the first half of All Eyez On Me! Songs like Ambitiouz as a ridah where he was sloppy and rushed! He started to really go in on the second disk. Remember when he first came in he was lyrical af, but he started rushing his music! He rap like a mf when he wants

  • MasonLestat

    No 2pac on a list = no credibility.

  • HotlineQueef

    No Ja Rule? gtfoh

  • mack

    This list wack as hell. No pac , an wayne at 10

  • mack

    Eminem better than nas an andre 3000?

  • 710Throwed420Blazed

    Tupac killed it with the features. Straight fire.

  • deethedon

    Pac my number one but he was guilty of them rape charges and people dont kindly look past that shit when them or a family member been raped he lost alot of fans

    • Here Comes Trubble

      You said young thug was your number one on another video

      • deethedon

        Dont ever speak that blasphemy in my presence

    • ymb Tray

      He was not charged with rape he was charged with forcefully touching the girls butt and way more charges

      • deethedon

        He was a convicted sex offender and no one ever looks and says o you was with a chick your age could have been a mishap naa nicca sex offender is a sex offender once you on that list your doomed and unfortunately he made that list

  • ledell woodard

    It’s just fake. They need the truth from the people not the critics.

  • Kenny Rucka Jarvis

    Lauryn hill made this list. Com on son Pac jada styles p dmx KRS 1 Redman method man crooked I Royce. All better then her by far!

  • Dustin Meise

    How the F is Kendrick ahead of Weezy. Wayne been around since the 90s, when anybody 1st hear of Kendrick Lamar like 2012. And 2pac sold more records before and after he died then most of them rappers put together. U got me fucked up.

  • disqus_tcCmn5i1If

    if you don’t have 2pac or Scarface in your top 10 then your list is not a top 10 of all time, its your 10 favorite rappers you enjoy listening to the most. you don’t have to like someone to acknowledge that they were one of the best. like a Tim Duncan. I hate him, with a passion, but you would be foolish not to put him in the top 10 PF of all time.

  • goldentiger3

    I can’t really take this list seriously, Biggie was great, i get it, but he didn’t have that much music compared to pac. I think longevity would have given me more credibility for biggie versus pac. I’d have pac 1st then biggie, they don’t need kendrick, lauryn, rakim, and MAYBE ghostface. I don’t consider those 4 best rappers, like at all.
    1. Pac
    2. Biggie
    3. Jay Z
    4. Nas
    5. Eminem
    6. Lil Wayne
    7. Andre 3000
    8. 50 Cent
    9. Eazy E
    I dunno any others really, but i based it off rappers lyrical ability and impact on hiphop as far as longevity.

    • kautious18

      U just said big shouldn’t had been number 1 because he didn’t have much music–so u bumped him to the #2 spot lol

      • goldentiger3

        he didn’t have as much as pac, for me to consider him better but biggie was great and is still impacting how rappers rap today.

        • kautious18

          Which rappers can u tell have been impacted by bigs music

  • Quincy Omar Hashim Epps

    In ma 2pac voice i aint mad at ya!

  • Cameron Ambers

    Jay Z number two.. rofl get the fuck outta here

  • kushxchevys

    How the fuck is pac not in there what the fuck???

  • black adam

    big but no pac? thats like batman but no joker

    invalid pile of shit

  • Jason Cola

    how the fuck can u have a tpop ten best rapper list and have lauren hill on it and not tupac are u people retarted

  • MrMc Clay

    Soft rap list afraid to add more hard core rappers to the list because of the publics views and if they name artist like 2pac someone that never heard of him would start doing research and BAM you have an EYE OPENER.

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    It really should be;

    1.Notorious B.I.G.
    4.MC Lyte
    5.Slick Rick
    7.LL Cool J
    9.Andre 3000
    10.Jay Z

  • ol’school

    I’m reading a lot of debating here and it’s true( debatable) as well as this list is. BUT Lauryn Hill, Ghostface Killah, real debatable???? I like them but I’m just saying????

  • Gladys Gorney

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  • Myleage

    they have kendrick on there prematurely.

    and how is Taylor swift number 8?? riddle me that!

    • jay

      That was “highest selling of all time”

  • omac09

    Here’s mine

    10. Kendrick Lamar
    9. Ghostface killah
    8. Big L
    7. Black thought
    6. Eminem
    5. Biggie
    4. Ice cube
    3. Dre 3000
    2. Scarface
    1. Nas

  • kinglobey

    they dont even have pac or T.I. on this list??

  • Alex Meyers

    I really don’t care for this. We all like and listen to who or what we want to listen to. This is just opinion,

  • omac09

    Here’s mine

    10. Kendrick Lamar
    9. Ghostface killah
    8. Big L
    7. Black thought
    6. Eminem
    5. Biggie
    4. Ice cube
    3. Dre 3000
    2. Scarface
    1. Nas


    michael jackson under taylor swift…..not a chance….

  • Roger Cousins

    First of all its way too early for Kendrick to be on the list, he only released 2 studio albums, and yall got him ahead of Lil Wayne smh and there’s a couple more things I can say about this list but I don’t feel like it

  • A Jay

    3 different Era’s.

    50 Cent


  • Chaps

    Dmx number one fuck this list

  • Roman Kosina

    I’m assuming tupac elevated to some God like top 10 list where he’s numbero uno

  • mike

    yea 2pac??? ma b kendrick in a future list….but really?? thats crazy

  • Bmore Snipaz

    Tupac has sold more than jay z tho

    • jay

      But he isn’t lyrically better than Jay-Z at all

      • Bmore Snipaz

        Brendas Got A Baby and Changes are more lyrical than jays entire discography

        • jay

          Stop the nonsense, d’evils is more lyrical than Pac career only song that probably stands up is “blasphemy”

  • interesting: Biggie 1st, no 2Pac on the list.. WTF¡

  • Chief Chenz

    Top 5 dead or alive Dylon Dylon Dylon Dylon DYLON!!!

  • da realest

    2 PAC hologram sold more than these rappers. I put his hologram up against anyone of them.

  • Lil fkn Wayne is on there and Tupac isn’t?? I respect several guys that you could slide in near the top even though I disagree but to not even have tupac make the list??? He has to at least be in the top 5 for me to take this seriously.I’m cool with your top three even tho mine is a little different but to not have him in AT LEAST the top 5 is an insult.

  • Lynched Killer


  • Giggles_

    1. Where’s 2pac?
    2. Why is Jay-Z before Eminem?
    3. Why isn’t Eminem first?
    4. Why is Jay-Z before Nas ?