Billboard Is About To Make Big Change To Its Album Charts

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  • HotlineQueef

    LOL this is the biggest line of horse shit ever. do you know how fucking easy it is to buy 100k or 1 mil retention views? holy shit clearly old white people that are trying wayyyyy to hard to be new school made this decision because this is the dumbest fucking thing ever. hell I could hire a sand nigger to make a script on a server to do 500k views daily for a few hundred dollars. this entire thing is going to shit

  • Gr8ness

    #newrules all these one hit wonder ass people bout to move units on some cheat code shit.

  • ben

    Gettin album sales without anyone buying your music, shits crazy smh

  • Je’sus

    No thanks. Math is going to be bs

  • imaginationsequation

    Imma have to download as much as I can before he phucks up YouTube more than google

  • jurassicjrod

    of course they would

  • Timothy KingCraze Richardson J

    Damn… No wonder Cardi B was on the charts… Shit, you might even see ME on the charts soon…

  • Alex Lowery

    let me go buy a couple million youtube plays and get that platinum with no features in less than a week

  • Killa Cam Newton

    Everyone above me listen to everything free here Ws or on YouTube and wonder why this change has come

    • imaginationsequation

      Majority of the money from Album sales don’t go towards the artist anyway, and I’d much rather support the artist than the guy in the suit. But since I don’t know how other than to see them live, I’ll get that free single from some old random song I’ve come across. This is more about control and money for lyor, not so much the artist or the music

  • Allen Smith


  • Matt Leon

    I was gonna say this might be a dope idea but then I remember people like Bhad Bhabie and Jake Paul have a whole bunch of views on their shit. We bouta be seeing them two reach #1 on the charts everytime they release some shit lol. This is a terrible idea fr. XDD

  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    Why is everybody so flabbergasted? Seriously, as soon as they started counting streams they fucked it up. All streams aren’t paid for & are easy to bootleg and share.

  • Eptoday

    I don’t mind this. That’ll stop niggas from having to have 5 different streaming apps just to listen to what they want.