Big Sean’s ‘I Decided’ Bursts Through Projections To Finish Number 1

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  • Shane Martin

    Great album, definitely his best yet. Constantly improving

  • Ghostface-

    that eminem feature

    • Thee_One1


    • Nicholas IcoNick Loomis

      The Eminem feature is garbage as fuck. I skip it every time.

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Illuminati puppet

  • YKokoM

    I don’t know why they’re doing this projection shit…. just wait a week for the real numbers

  • Johnny Doe

    Fist place? Come on now

  • YoungPrime

    Wow, how is it that “No more interviews” didn’t make the list but that bounce back crap did? Oh well, Looking forward to hearing Fat Joe and Remy’s album more anyway. Hopefully I’ll actually wanna buy that one.

  • Dvillain.

    Well deserved. Great album. Sean raps circles on every track. I personally really liked the whole album.