Big Sean Responds To Kid Cudi’s Jhene Aiko Tweets On ‘No More Interviews’

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  • Ghostface-

    idgaf about this nigga, and idk why

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      You haven’t been diagnosed yet? You are a hater. I prescribe a Colt 45 to the head.

      Lmao, seriously Big Sean stay getting slept on. Sean be snapping

      • Dave

        Big sean is one of the worst rappers on planet earth.. I am actually angry when his part comes on GOOD songs that he is FEATURED on. Biggie and tupac would be rolling in their graves to see the comments section of this page.. Shame on all of you.. This dude may have improved from a -45, to a -44, but he still cannot carry a track on his own, and has the wit of a 2nd grader. “Cant be fuckin with me if you aint got no han-san, dont know where your dirty ass hands been”<—-what a lyrical genius!

        • kautious18

          Lol I remember when him and drizzy was “beefing” w luda claiming they was original and luda was biting they style— then luda simply played tracks of people they bit their style from–dudes is pure doo doo— capitalizing off black balled artist style n claiming they originated it……

          • Dave

            ahh, there you go, Luda…a mediocre rapper from a time where Big Sean wouldn’t have lasted… Even mediocre Luda was shakin his head laughin at this fuckboy..times have changed man…sometimes I actually imagine Jay z or Nas having a sit down with some of these rappers, and just relieving them of their duties… listen to Nas for a half hour, then listen to big sean(for as long as you can)…don’t worry, I’ll wait

          • kautious18

            I can’t listen to Sean on my own— if I wanna hear someone from Detroit I’ll listen to slum village/elzhi or royce—my biggest thing against Sean isn’t his music–tho I’m not a fan—sean and drizzy made the word -irrelevant- popular among garbage artist and internet users—interviewers would ask Sean about a old/black balled artist—and Sean would say who’s that? He’s irrelevant—so I look at him like a clown

          • Dave

            yeah i fuck with slum village and Em too…haha I could see someone asking big sean about a legend and he has no idea who they are haha..someone asked Lil wayne about all these lil 2016 rappers and he was like “who?” Big Sean reminds me of that dude you knew that rapped, but nothing ever came of it…probably because he never respected the people that did it the right way..with melodies, meaning, hard beat, good singer on the hook, etc…thought these were just the basics? now we got these assholes on tracks monotone saying “I” this, and “I” that… Big Sean example: “I got these double twins, I need some fresher breath, I eat my gum while getting some, and have doublemint twins, whoa” …dude is trash bro

  • Astronaut

    Bars nigga. Bars.

  • BrodieThaGod

    Sean probably the most improved rapper over the past 5 years or so.

    • Astronaut

      he keep getting overlooked somehow. Im guilty for doing it as well.

      • BrodieThaGod

        Everyone has someone they overlook. Check out the Detroit mixtape tho, that shit is nothing but fire.

        • Astronaut

          I definitely heard his Detroit and Finally Famous tape I think its called. And the one that got “I work harder than a Mexican from 10-10.” Every tape he come out flaming but i never put him in my top 5 or 10 and he deserves it.

          • Je’sus

            Yeah 10 2 10 with Travis was fire

      • Dave

        Its not overlooked, its called turning your head the other way.. Women do it when they see ugly guys , men do it when they hear absolute rubbish featured on good tracks.. Bro im actually sick to my stomach right now.. Do you know how fucked the world would be if big sean was the best rapper around?!?! What a fuckin joke man. Dude sounds like hes trying to recite nursery ryhmes and shit, wrf are we talking about here?!? Big sean shouldve had his rap card revoked at the same time Iggy azalea did.. Just my 2 cents

        • Conner

          well then the migos and like 80 percent of new rappers should forsurely have their shit revoked aswell

          • Dave

            lil leprechaun, lil peanut butter cup sundae, lil scooter, young drop in tile, young ABCD, young hustle, lil spliff, …should I stop now, or can we stop cosigning all 2016 born rappers at this point?

        • Astronaut

          Yeah i 100% disagree with this post.

          • Dave

            phew…thank god it doesn’t matter…I drive by homeless idiots everyday, I’m sure I’m not going to have a problem moving along to the next post either..good luck in life

          • Astronaut

            Lol you just disrecpected me in the most classy way possible. Fuck you Dave.

      • Craig

        His production is always just so so…. he need more hits

    • Poopmaster

      Been fucking wit Sean since the begining. I’ve always thought the dude has really nice wordplay shit fat raps with curren$y and chuck inglish was my shit or even the verse on Jackie chains “Rollin”

    • Dave

      You’re right Brodie, he just improved some more in this song… hang on, I have some of his incredible improvements for us all to enjoy now…

      I’m from the ground up like a ground-ball play

      I’m coming from the underground like it’s Groundhog’s Day

      I’m talking so underground that when I talk about J, nigga

      I might mean J Dilla, R.I.P. real niggas


      Bro this dude wouldn’t make it past my high school lunch table let alone the rap industry…I’m absolutely done

  • Johnny 8Ball

    Ehh Sean is iiiight. Fuck Cudi, waiting for Drake to put that nigga in a body bag

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Ummm. No

      • BTCKING

        Kudi looks like earthworm jom my nigga he aint knocking no1 out. Give Drake his props

        • Herbz 4 Breakfast

          Drake looks like one of the Degrassi kids, all grown up. I’ll give him props as soon as he gives Quentin Miller props for writing IYRTITL

  • LatarionMilton

    Man why Big Sean dont say “boiyy” no more tho?

    • Astronaut

      He moved on to “I Done It”. Thus his old adlib “I Do It”

    • vapaperboi .

      cuz it was weak

      • Young Flacko

        nah boi was hot cause he made it his own. It was authentic and you knew who was rappin once you heard “boi”.

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  • weeday420

    dam sean needs to drop more music often for me .

    straight fire

  • SlimJuve25

    cudi not in the wrong for this, an there was no other stands for big sean could take, everyone was pretty much saying big sean is the reason jhene aiko was divorcing dot da genius, dot da genius produced day n nite for cudi after make millions i’m sure they became best friends, an cudi was ready to goto war for him shit, i would have friends if i knew they would be like kid cudi but we all know most nigga are like the people in this comment section fuk boi’s bashing someone going to war for a friend

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    Damn, with everybody “beefing” it actually felt good reading his lines…Bro REALLY took the high road…Props…

  • Soopafly

    i always figured big sean should be mentioned in the loop as Drake, cole, and kendrick..