Big Sean Denies Kendrick Lamar Washed Him On ‘Control’

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  • Eric Willis

    I fucks wit big Sean but u got washed bro

  • BmoreTrue

    I Decided is dope

  • Poopmaster

    No joke Sean got bars I’ve been fucking wit him since I heard his fat raps verse (original with chuck and spitta) and “million dollars” he on his own level and that’s alright.

    • Poopmaster

      Honestly don’t though I never really liked the control song in general but I guess because of the hype behind K. Dots verse made him more prevalent on that song obviously

  • SY

    Everytime a rapper drops some names in a song, everyone freaks out. It was a good verse and overhyped af. Big Sean and jay electronica killed it too

    • Je’sus

      Fr just 20 secs of name dropping

    • Frank White

      I thought I was the only one who noticed that..

  • A Jay

    Sean could’ve never put that song out it was his Lol and Sean makes dope music with decent lyrics but that’s Cole and Kendrick to do

    • Dave

      Yeah Kendrick! You gonna know its Big Seans verse, you gonna know that hes in there! -no one ever

      K dot , go easy on this guy.. he seems .. fragile

  • ilikemusic.

    Kendrick still the King

  • DoDaDiddleDance

    Sean one of my favorites and still think I Kendrick would slay him easily but the main reason Kendrick stood out on that track was because he called everyone out…. not because he was WAYYY better. They both just had different subject matter is what all it came down to.

  • Je’sus

    Sean did better than Kendrick on holy key. Just my opinion

  • lean_legend

    most overrated verse of all time. not that it was bad. the fact that everybody flipped out is because kendrick name dropped. mind you, he aint even diss anybody. he was shouting out all dudes in his verse as dope MCs. if anything it was more of a diss NOT to be mentioned in the verse

  • fonzo517

    tbh sean did good on that track but i couldnt even remember what he was talking about until i listened to the track again

  • thatsjas2 .

    Kendrick’s verse shook up Hip Hop so it wouldn’t have mattered who was on it

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    “Expect for Control”


  • Samisback

    Kendrick did get him on Control..but of course Sean isn’t going to admit it, how many rappers are going to admit they got killed on their own song? it’s called pride..if you believe you were the best then that’s what you matter what anybody else think, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what he said.