Beyonce’s Dad Just Strongly Suggested She’s Lying About Her Age

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  • Aaron Hernandez

    lets see what lies beyonce camp comes up with now,
    her own dad said it

  • ilikemusic.

    hahahahaha the last sentence!

  • alwaysBfrank

    Maybe he doesn’t really know how old pink and usher are and is just making an assumption

    • Dom Brown

      True dude couldn’t even remember his own artist album or song in the interview

  • KingCunta

    Bruh I’d donkey fuck a 73 year old Beyoncé real talk… Dat pussy prolly still has residue from the gold dildos she uses fo real… She so rich shawty won’t give you head, she’ll get you ahead… Bruh who the fuck really cares bought her exact age, I’d finna be her on call boy toy salad tosser I don’t give a fuck… And a nigga hopes she never got prego cuz dat means the pussy still reasonably ripe for the picking

    • Just Los

      u know that shits still tight she ain’t give birth to the Illuminati daemon baby.

  • Just Los

    lol video not even up any more