Bernice Burgos Responds To Tiny’s ‘Pass Around Bitch Slur; T.I. Rumors

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  • kushxchevys

    She better looken than tiny lol

    • ChiCity1988

      That aint sayin much tho

      • kushxchevys

        Wasnt tryna say much tho was just pointin out da obvious fact lol

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    W for my nigga tip IF he can maintain a positive relationship with the kids, Tiny can go get with mayweather now since she like to dance with nigga her husband is beefing with SMH hoes always doind BS then get mad when niggas return the favor

    • flex

      comment of the day

    • t-stupid

      Fa real fuck tiny o girl fine azz fuck na she mad lol wat goes around comes around

  • AmazingLilBastard

    Yeah TIP you can hold this L for “not” hittting that my nigga, she bad AF!!!

    • flex

      pretty sure he hit…

    • kushxchevys

      U believe ur girl when she tells you hes just a homie lol smh

      • AmazingLilBastard

        Dont have a girl, I got bitches i fuck

        • kushxchevys

          Lmao good for u lil nigga

          • AmazingLilBastard

            Thanks smaller nigga

  • LatarionMilton

    We all know damn well T.I. smashed that to smithereens!!! Or else why would he waste his time with a bartenderstripper/video broad/ig model.

  • Bill Jansen

    Just hoes class talkin like block bitches an men foh weres all the wify material woman at??? Wtf

  • Matt Leon

    This chick 40? Daaaayyummm. I was thinking Tip was messing around with some girl in her late 20’s, maybe early 30’s at the most

    • Amanwithnoname101

      Shes 36

  • kinglobey

    she not 40 yall these HHE guys just dont know how to write or interpret for shiiiit