Bernice Burgos Addresses Her Relationship With T.I. & Beefs With Angela Yee [WATCH]

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  • Bill Jansen

    All i know she is hotter when she doesnt speak..that mouth should only be open when she says dinner is ready or she is ready …and tiny is soo gross n weirdly ugh ugly

    • frankwhitedc

      That bitch look like hatchet face off crybaby , tf was she thinking making her eyes blue ?

      • Bill Jansen

        Hahah she dont think much lol just a lucky vixen with fake everthing an hot some balls acting like yee wrong wit her comment …bitch u an attention whore an did a few rap vids like smut u aimt lala or on that kevel fal bak plastic hoe

  • Calvin Gilmore

    Boy I would love to put some dick in her ass! Damn