Beanie Sigel Still In Critical Condition; Was Likely Unintended Victim Of Shooting

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  • Dan Kemble

    I hope Beans pulls through his music has so much heart and realness.

  • YUNGshoota187

    word fuck the police that nigga aint gona say shit even if he is awake these bitch ass police ned to move the fuck on. sigel a real ass nigga . police aint gona do shit but u kno that nigga that shot him gonna get clapped as soon as beans get out the hospital. all he gotta do is give the word. the nigga sigel connected af n is a real g.

    • YungShootaTakesDank

      sigel hasn’t been relevant in about 21786321978632791639 years. unfortunately yo ass aint never gonna be relavent

      • YUNGshoota187

        u dumass nigga that nigga sigel is a g n still heavy in the streets that nigga dont gotta rap he get money n is respected out there in philly real niggas kno wats good.

      • TChiTown

        Beans was an integral part of a major movement in hip hop (The Roc). Do you even understand what the genre embodies. From its birth in the Bronx to the West coast’s reign. The emergence of the Midwest and the South’s contributions and current styles like drill. Hip hop ain’t just about what’s trending right now. This man was relevant in his prime and will remain because of his contributions to this ever growing form of art. So as a bite a line from Vingh Rhames, “STFU ya lil young dumb muthafucka”

  • Alex Vazquez

    Like he said. What your life like mines is real……
    living proof # get better beans you’re in our prayers

  • debo

    Get well beanie some sad news man my thoughts are with u and your family god looking over u

  • djxl

    Get well soon beanie