Baton Rouge Rapper Da Real Gee Money Murdered

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  • Mike Donovan

    RIP. Yung boy was cold

  • PeeWeeDaOG

    HHE Y’all Late. Folks Been Talking Bout Diz Since Saturday.

    • imaginationsequation

      they never even mentioned this man til he passed

      • PeeWeeDaOG

        A Lotta Blogs Do Dat. Dont Mention Yo Muzik, But When You Get N2 A Fight, Da Internet Going In On Yo Azz Or You Die, Dey Post It Like Itz A Artist Dey BEEN Covering.

      • DonCDaCapo

        You nobody til somebody kill you-biggie

  • dafuq

    They trying to blame the shit on NBA cause they were beefing