Bang ‘Em Smurf Claims He Saved 50 Cent From Getting Offed

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  • thatsjas2 .

    c’mon man…this bitter nigga is bi polar…..1st 50 a real dude now he a sucka….why would 50 need to shoot when he was smurf’s boss?…nigga please

    • Irissbontrager3

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    • Free wop Floridas own

      I think this muthafucka confused or doing anything to stay relevant he went from 50 real to he soft to real and soft again then this nigga got on an mmg shirt and was talkin mad shit bout ross saying hes a fraud etc and this nigga not even coke boys but got it tatted under his eye

  • MartyMcFly

    This nigga says nigga too much lol

  • kobe


  • Killa Cam Newton

    I learned a loong time ago in 4th grade never diss a nicca who has dirt on you no matter what …just aint worth it keep them fools happy at all cost and hope the niccas you got dirt on do the same ..I still got the scar from jasmine fat ass older brother after my boy spilled the beans when I didn’t invite him to the sleep over with my (new) friends

  • SMH

  • ChiTownT

    Ok HHE. You’ve exceeded the amount of acceptable bang em Smurf repeated articles in a lifetime. Yes, 2 is 2 too many

  • locounit

    did the godfather bust his gun ??he didnt touch nobody… he got his goons/soldiers to do it !! Fiff dosnt have to do shit ! he get monkeys like u doing it for him … WHO the REAL BOSS now ?

  • Allen Smith

    Dam Daniel!!!! Look like Ross handing out personal MMG shirts

  • 100squad

    Still trying to figure out who Bang em smurf is? I mean, like Smurfette Aiightt, Pappa Smurf koo but WTF is Bang em Smurf? What mixtape i miss?