B.o.B Is Trying To Convince Everybody The World Is Flat

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  • Funnyasfluck

    Young Dro Just Been Arrested on drug charges insane for a half a pill hahahhahaaa

  • black adam

    somebody tell t.i.p to come get his homie. this nigga drunk.

  • ezwelchman

    oh bobby ray….how you have fallen from grace

    • corey0512

      His new mixtapes are fire, what’re you talking about

  • xnoxes

    this man won’t agree until he hops in a nasa rocket and watches it curve with his own eyes

    • mogi99999

      that might be his plan (busted)

  • kush817minded

    Come on BoB tha fuck bro the world is flat? Really smh

  • Chill Life

    If people weren’t listening to Fire, they are now. I liked it but this stunt isn’t necessary. Ima start calling him Jim BOB instead of B.O.B. for this

  • jah lives

    Shit they lying to us about other species that exsist and been visiting our planet since the days of the bible… What’s makes you think they wouldn’t lie about earth not being round?? They lied about 9/11..that’s was clearly an inside job… Only people that don’t know that are the ones who haven’t done their own research on it… Our government been lying to it’s people since the time of the founding fathers… We must question everything.. Including whether earth is really round… Look at what he’s saying and the things making him think this way.. Look at all these pics.. If they don’t make you wonder then your just a sheep that’s going to forever be plugged into the governments matrix… wake up and think outside the box people.. Yes… Your mind is in a box.. Think outside of it!!!

    Yahweh’s warrior son

    • Hugh G. Dickson

      you’re an idiot

    • Btitches #FuckAJaw

      LOL LOL LOL this stupid mf is refuting scientific evidence but knows for sure that 9/11 was an inside job, he knows aliens have visited earth. You kids really need to go to school your getting dumber and more ignorant every year.

      Thinking out side the box is not believing in god something with no scientific value not something that can be seen and has been proven by scientific evidence.

      • A realist

        “you’re getting dumber”. You stay in school, ya damn sheep.

        • Btitches #FuckAJaw

          Sheep is you little fuckers that go out and buy yeezys and jordans, not something we can see an observe. From your logic anybody who believes cops unjustifiably kill black people are sheep.

      • Conner Hunter-Moore

        Your part of the problem if I dont see It I dont believe it and once again who is to say the very people teaching us science are not telling us everything their is to know about science at the end of the day its keeping your mind open to other possibilities dont just rule them out because its not on tv or the news is not broadcasting it or because it isn’t in a science book… They have all the power in the world they want us to be taught what they want us to taught

    • Michael Ib bett

      You have the ability to be elected into government. After you left office do you think they would use the men in black flashy thing on you?

  • Allen Smith

    “Hits blunt” (insert any of B.O.B above comments) lmao

  • RealRecognizeReal

    Hmm hes probably right…but why is the moon round then?

    • Btitches #FuckAJaw

      Is that sarcasm i cant tell

      • RealRecognizeReal

        Sarcasm at its best 😉

        • Btitches #FuckAJaw

          Aight you get my up votes then fam

      • Chill Life

        Your name lmao!

    • Tyler Melski

      The moon is a hollowed out Planetoid made out of Titanium ……
      If the Earth really is flat, then what’s on the other side, our “parallel universe” ?

    • John Knight

      Its round and flat like a cookie

      • RealRecognizeReal

        lmfao for real tho and we never get to see the other side of the cookie…weird.

  • Hugh G. Dickson

    This guy’s severely retarded.

    subjective-experience/presumptive-rationale < SCIENCE/RELIABLE-DATA

  • Btitches #FuckAJaw

    People getting dumber and more ignorant every year.

    If you fly in a straight line you’d cover the whole earth and fall off right? fucking idiot.

    What is on the other side of this flat earth? and if we dig far enough we must just fall through.

  • Hanzi Turd

    There is no edge just a huge ice wall surrounding the world.

    • Michael Ib bett

      Yep. And the wildlings are on the other side. NASA has been keeping them out. I swear on the old gods AND the new.

  • Top Calibre Rob

    I would like BOB to explain seasons and climate at the poles. Or the people who have sailed around the world… What a fucking dumbass

  • Cody Preston

    Lol iggy azalea beefing with papa john

  • marty mcfly

    Anybody in this century arguing that the earth is flat is on some straight up dumb shit and is lost as hell. How much evidence do we have that the earth is a sphere like basically almost everything in the universe? Bob need to stfu.


    Smh i dont have time for this nigga
    Do something musically stay in your lane

    • Legendary Trolly

      LOL I dont know if I agree with him, but he is making me think, I am opened minded! And everything we know, has been taught to us! Its not like we have the tools to go and look for ourselves!

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    This Nigga trying to get killed by the Illuminati.

  • Star_God

    nigga probably was smoking some strong ass loud!

    • mogi99999

      hehe that was exactly my thought too 😀 shit can get extreme “up there” (/ or down there, depend of your influence)

  • OhRyanT

    What a fucking moron

  • Conner Hunter-Moore

    How does this make him an idiot our world leaders lie to us about everything in life damn near who’s to say he is wrong are you guys fucking scientists everything we know about science could be a complete lie so who’s to say keep a open mind folks dont be mindless and unaware open yo eyes

    • DaveL

      No, everything we know about science could not be a complete lie. If it were a lie, we could not be having this conversation. The existence of the Internet is predicated on a whole laundry list of petty details about how the natural world works, from the wave nature of light to the electron charge to the Pauli exclusion principle.

      Do you have satellite TV? Go online and look up some of the dish pointing calculators – they’re free to use. These satellite dishes are pointing at the same satellite (leave aside, for now, how it would be possible to have a geostationary orbit around a flat earth). Punch in some different latitudes and longitudes and see what elevation angle you get for the satellite. Now whip out some paper and try to find me a flat-earth solution that would explain these angles, given the overland distance between these coordinates.

      You can’t do it. Not just because you don’t understand math but because it’s mathematically impossible. It requires a curved earth.

      • Conner Hunter-Moore

        That’s why if you had read and possibley put more attention into English class you may have noticed I said things we know about science “could” be a complete lie

        • James Nicholls

          you’re still the idiot here

        • EmperorConstantine

          Mother fucker learn sacred geometry and guarantee you, you would find a fucking solution. Have you even heard of the matrix theory? How this is a false reality, and how evidence stacks up to the highest degree and proves that the matrix theory actually exists and we are trapped in a prison planet??.. Do your fucking research, you believe what they want you to believe, actually do the creators work and look for TRUTH IN ALL THINGS and do your research on everything! you will find the truth is not hard to find if youre not so acceptable to believe everything the worlds elite and their puppets are payed to make you believe. I pray you all find the truth before its too late.

        • DaveL

          In what language does “could” mean there is no possibility whatsoever?

    • You are also an idiot.

      • Conner Hunter-Moore

        You are a brain dead idiot pretty clear and obvious your o e of the oh I have to see it to believe it that’s the most retarted thing ever

  • Bennett

    Most of yall are missing the point of his true argument and most of which is in its own sense logical.. here.. say there was a road from point A. The center of the U.S all the way to point B. Lets say China and we walked East, would you ever notice a curver in the earth or would you just keep walking straight? The concept is that we could probably walk around the world without ever noticing any curve thus makin the walk seen as if it was a straight line, thus making is accusations and argument right to some degree.

    • Twizz the Whiz Kid

      I understand what you’re saying, but doesn’t gravity play a part in that though? I’m not saying that either you or him are right or wrong, but I felt what B.o.B was saying the most when he said, (people be like), ”you’re not high enough to see the curve, keep going”. That really makes a lot of sense, because you would figure that if you were in the sky & you got up high enough in a distance away from the Earth’s apogee, at some point of your zenith or apex… you would have to reach a moment where you’d be able to see the curvatures of our planets spherical circumference, & you really can’t.

    • Grey

      Look man you are talking about a fucking planet. do you know how big a fucking planet is? ofcourse your not going to notice the curvature of a fucking planet whilst walking what a couple miles which amounts to just a small fucking percentage of this planets fucking massive size.
      i understand though, the insignificance we have on the planet no this fucking universe is immeasruable. please understand we are but speck in the grand scheme of things.

  • MrMc Clay

    He wants you to over think and get his mixture that’s all smart move.

  • OMG

  • This is fucking amazing. How fucking dumb can you be? This guy should be in a home for special people.

    • EmperorConstantine

      You are a sheep just like most of the others on this page, do your damn research before you go start insulting legends, especially someone who has lived the fame life and has been exposed to such secrets that they don’t want you to know. be open minded, stop having a closed mind you dumb fuck, its people like you who keeps the elite at the top of the pyramid instead of everyone being exposed to the truth.

  • Frank White

    What does the government accomplish by making us believe the earth is round though…I don’t get it..

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    First Tila Tequila, & now B.o.B…???

  • yung


  • yung

    so how do you explain how the earth looks from the moon lol

    Im pretty sure you see a circle .. #caseclosed

    • EmperorConstantine

      lol do you really believe those pictures shown to you are real? you are a closed minded sheep if you really believe the elite wouldn’t lie to you. have you been on the moon yourself? No so how do you know the shits legit when its already been proven that the pictures are frauds!

      • yung

        hmmm … honestly f* you but you get this upvote tho. you may have a point

  • Im Heem

    Man has also never been to space. Satellites yeah but humans no.

  • fried rice

    I get what he saying he saying that you don’t experience the curve of the earth which makes it a flat plane but how do we really know if the earth is flat or round?

  • Kingquazy

    “I’m.. I’m… Outta my mind. Outta my fucking mind.” – B.o.B.

  • Andre Owens

    the sun is round the moon is round but yea the earth is flat..and the seasons would be totally different on a flat planet ..im pretty sure we wouldnt have a north and south pole..stupid fuck cunt bitch..

  • John Knight

    How does a compass work then B.O.B. if its flat then there would be no magnetic poles. Therefore compass wouldnt work.

  • This guy

    Only if were traveling at 99.9999991% of the speed of light sure, but we would be atoms.

    Also another theory, any thing with the body mass of Earth or anything around 100-150 miles across in space would generate some gravity, so naturally if our earth was flat, it would literally collapse itself into a ball.

  • Dylan Ya Trick

    I Think We Need Jesus …

  • big nook

    If the

  • EmperorConstantine

    All of you who disagree are just closed minded sheep who obviously are too scared to break out of the prison box that the elite have secretly put you in. Before you all go bashing someone who is absolutely correct and I’m sure with his money could buy more knowledge and been exposed to more truths then you all could have time to find out in your lifetime. Do your fucking research, stop being critics, for one even if he isn’t correct which he totally is, everyone is entitled to there own beliefs and opinions and shouldn’t be bashed for speaking them. Clearly you all haven’t took the time to do your research and just accept what they repeatedly tell you, but lets make one thing clear, how come everyone who has exposed the truths that the higher ups hide from us daily have been publicly murdered or something has had something horrible happened to them and made to set an example out of??!? JFK, MLK, Malcolm X, MJ, Tupac Shakur, Bill Cooper and that’s just to name the few ohhh believe me the list goes on and on and on.. You all who deny the truths are the ignorant “dumb fucks” who need to grow a brain and stop following the flock of sheep, the truth has been hidden since the beginning of time. Do your research. Just to name a few for you all to get started on, The Matrix Theory, Hollow Earth, Area 51, Agenda 21, The New World Order, The Cloning Centers, Hidden Sacred Geometry, The Kundalini & Chakras, Annunaki, The Cube, Voice To Skull Mind Control, Chem Trails.. the list goes on.. do your research for bashing this man, hes risking his life daily just to bring all of you to the light and this is how you applaud him? Ignorant minds, no wonder you will never ascend to a higher consciousness. I pray you all grow up and use your creator giving brains and hope you all will ascend to the light soon and realize we are all one being tricked into a scheme you could never understand!

    • EmperorConstantine

      Check out B.o.B. “The Watchers”, B.o.B. “Paper Route”, B.o.B. “New Black” free mixtape, B.o.B. “Psykadelik Thoughtz” free album, B.o.B. “W.A.T.E.R. (We Are The Enemy Really”, & B.o.B. F.I.R.E. (False Idols Ruined Eyes) … All free giving to you from B.o.B. to help show you the truths and what has been hidden from you and your ancestors. Peace be with you, I hope we all can come together as one and break free from this prison.

    • Fozzil Fred

      The sheep lies within you bro. Only a fool, who follows some crazy-ass conspiracy theory, believes what some other fraud told you was true. I know… it’s more cool to be “out there” where no one else is- but facts don’t lie. Unfortunately, you do.

  • Smegtasticus

    The ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras proposed that the Earth was round some 500 years BCE. Circumnavigation of our planet centuries later proved it. B.O.B. is a moron.