Azealia Banks Points Her Twitter Fingers At K. Michelle And Her Butt

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  • YungShoota

    ill fuck the shit outta azalia banks tho she crazy AF prolly got that goblin pussy

    • her scales will probably make you bleed

      • LaurenRFrantz

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    • zatan

      aint u that fake nigga from off the other comments? lmaoo what pictures u got to show today?

    • Omar

      This man said goblin pussy lmao

  • SwagVader Jefferson

    Azealia Banks just needs to shut the fuck up

    • ThatGuy984

      No she needs to die..waste of oxygen..

      • she’s a witch, that’s why K Michelle called her a lizard. she’s a lizard person

      • SwagVader Jefferson

        She needs to do some porn videos instead of beefing with every human ever born

  • Because Azalea Banks is a lizard, a demoness. She’s telling the truth lol

  • he who shall not be named

    I met k michelle in person she sexy af and cool af

  • Robert Mata

    Someone please remind me who the fuck Azalea Banks is

  • zatan

    lol this hoe be wildin bruh she always snappin on somebody