Audio Of Beanie Sigel Telling The Game He Doesn’t Care About Meek Emerges

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  • tr3y


    • 100squad

      Glad he got snuck,…
      Shit we need 2 have Sneak A Sucker Fridays..

      Acting like a Rat & being Sneaky get you Snuck like one too 100.

  • I’ll say it again, beans really came out lookin kinda bad in all of this

  • Anthony Mitchell

    this whole “beef” is on some messy high school girl shit

  • 100squad

    Truth always come out, everything beans said up to this point us fraud. I guess Meek wasn’t on the fuckery when he said Beans was faker than an $80 bill. Glad he got snuck on that goofy shit. He told lies and sold em as truths, was all good til dudes came back with receipts. Game should stop fn with the Ghost of Mac because whomever this guy is, is a shell at best..Real 1’s only.

    • SlimJuve25

      i think thats what game is trying to do by releasing this, let him know he’s not welcome on this side either

      • 100squad

        We don’t take kindly to his kind

  • Samisback

    This just buffers my point that Sigel as great as he is as a rapper is a snake..which isn’t surprising considering this is the same guy that flipped on Jay

    • Tim Augello (Twitch)

      Jay ain’t a saint tho

      • Samisback

        Has nothing to do with being a saint..what Sigel did was some snake shit

  • RainingOposites

    Damn more and more it just seems like beanie is only loyal to whoever’s putting money in his pockets

  • Astronaut

    Bet Money Games Camp behind this

  • TwoToolyWoop

    So why y’all mad….yo as I man y would I give a fuck about the next man if the next man don’t give a fuck about me….be honest I look at my friends the same way we help each other out that’s why we friends and the niggas that ain’t helping out I can careless about and its not when I need help but jus being there is why we family niggas live by different principles……

    • Leekluv216

      Thought I was the only one that saw it that way… not sure what everyone else is upset about here lol

    • Youngflaco

      But thats what makes Beanie a Snake because he slivered his way into the studio and on the track knowing that he didnt really fuck wit Meek like that. It all just comes across like some opportunistic shit

  • Jay Money

    Quality Actav_Purple,Hitech,Xanny,Trama,Oxyco,Perks,OPs

  • FireKraker

    and to think that all of this shit started over Sean Kingston’s chain getting snatched lmao

  • Jay Tech


  • Anthony Redgrave

    he did do snake shit. but Meek wrong for doing a diss track with his “niggas” when one clearly don’t fuck with him. sounds like beanie don’t fuck with him for real. So why did he reach out to him anyway? cuz he had clout? if you aint reach out b4 why now?


    Just goes to show that all this is about Nicki Minaj…all these niggaz jealous and wish they had her