Artwork & Tracklist For Young Thug’s ‘EBBTG’ Leak

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  • nah where this nigga legs at b lmaoooo

    but yo yall think this really gonna be strictly a singin album from dude? I rock wit some of his music, but iono but a full young thug singin album

    • Matt Leon

      Same here. Lifestyle was the first song I ever heard dude on and that song made me hate his guts cause of his incoherent yelling throughout the song that made me want to stab my eardrums. A singing album from him is not going to be my cup of tea

      • exactly man…I can see if dude could legit sing/rap. but he just know how to throw some good harmonies out there, but it aint like I really wanna hear just all singin thug lol. he gotta chill

        • Matt Leon

          Exactly. I’m still no thug fan but he’s tolerable now. Now if I hear him as a feature, I can still vibe to that shit if the song is good but no matter how long it takes, I will never be able to vibe to Lifestyle and its literally only cause of Young Thug’s crack headed sounding ass singing on that song lol. I’m all for an artist going different lanes and crossing either into other genres or mixing two genres together but its only good when the artist can actually sound good musically in that lane. Thug is not a singer nor should he ever try to be one.

  • FaboLoso

    lol terrible cover art come on man, who did he pay to do this? nigga better go get his money back

    • DonCDaCapo

      Nigga prolly did it his self aha

  • BrodieThaGod

    This Album of the year potential. I’m too hype.

    • NYCityKid

      Yes u are. But I can’t blame you.

  • Mr postman

    I have so many questions

    1. He has snoop dogg as feature? Thats a huge shocker

    2. Who in the actual blue fuck made this cover? Like nigga where are his legs. That fucked up barbie doll in the back is just absurd.

    3. Why the cover art remind of me of the rebirth cover?

    4. Why would he drop it the same day as 2 chainz album? And the same day as the tupac movie? Not enough hype

    • Johnny Digits

      Whoa wtf i didnt even notice the no legs this gunna b hype

    • Zeek Lowe

      His Instagram dp has been Snoop’s ‘Neva Left’ artwork for some time now, the fact Snoop is featured on this list makes me think that it’s legit, and that it ties all of that together kinda

    • AmazingLilBastard

      lol It damn sure look like a knock-off Rebirth cover, you get #100Points sir

  • Nate

    I guess the no legs thing is a metaphor?

    • Murder One


    • Matt Leon

      Why did I not notice that shit til I read your comment? Lol

  • Don

    I don’t listen to a lot of Thug’s music (at all) but if done correctly, this could be a solid body of work. I think his melodies are dope on some of his tracks, so I hope he knows how to utilize that attribute for an entire album.

  • Jeff Ystueta

    Looks fake. Thug better not release it with that shit ass cover

    • NYCityKid

      It’s better than the dress. Was you looking for a mini-skirt this time?

  • ChiCity300

    he fell off

  • AmazingLilBastard

    Cover Girl make-up hit his Dm like #NahNigga #AccessDenied