Arrest Warrant Issued For Jeremih In Fuddruckers Incident

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  • YUNGshoota187

    oh look another example of how young blacks who are try to do good just get locked up . he is lucky there isnt a white police there or they would of shot him because these whites love killing us n holding us down. they can be racist all they want but when black people stand up for ourself whites hate it. this is why i hate white people tho.

    • uppercase

      Ha. Im from here homie. Trust me, their were plenty of white cops. It’s Montana. I actually have his back on this and I’m white from Billings. Their ARE racists here and I’m sure something was said. Did he take it over the line? Probably, because he knew if anything he’d get a shit charge like this. Both sides were wrong and this whole trying to lock up a good black man is bullshit. Enough said.

      • YUNGshoota187

        damn my nigga u crazy live in montana. theres to much whites there lol be careful n keep the burner on u my g i hear they still like hangin niggas out there

    • uppercase

      Haha you’re name makes everything you said sound very one sided. Great argument.

  • XLR8

    I hate to say but peaceful protesting don’t do anything except allow those who are approaching with peace to be walked across. It’s like waving the white flag and the enemy still take shots or place their foot on your throat. Minorities in America need to set fire to the country to set an example and get their point across for injustices or unfair laws set in place aimed towards none Whites.

    • datsizer

      How do you explain what MLK did. At a worse time in the history timeline. You can peacefully hit people where there pockets are. Buses. Whatever we consume the most. If we stop consuming it. The consumer will hop on the boat and support. Ex. Buses Back then. Now.. Whatever.

  • BlackPine4DatWyteV

    He got good music thoe