Are Kendrick Lamar & Drake In The Studio Together?

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  • Lord_Farquad

    $2 bills ARE kinda rare though…

    • ITS ME

      you can go to a bank and ask for 2 dollar bills. very rare my friend

  • Donell West

    That would be dope. Them two together have no problem pulling off an very anticipated release. And if I recall right, maybe I’m wrong, but doesn’t drakes home studio have that same lighting and carpet. N hell, I seen pics of drakes cali pool party. A lot of then dudes were from Compton.

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Jesus, are you really that big of a Drake fan? Did you really just type “doesn’t drakes home studio have that same carpet”?! How the fuck would we know? Do we look like we installed Drake’s studio carpet or nah? Do we not have lives and stalk every detail of Drake’s life or nah? Nigga if you got time to research Drake like that, you better be doing great in life. I’m Just Saying

      • Omar


  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    Fuck that man, get back in the studio with J. Cole & give us that collaboration album we all want.

  • Omar

    K dot ain’t gonna be on that singing niggas album

  • T.A.P.

    Don’t do it….u supposed to be making this guy look weak

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Drake needs help looking weak? T.A.P. gotta be Kevin Hart, cause that was a knee slapper. The album would be dope.


    I keep a 2 dollar bill in my wallet for goodluck
    Its good to hear that these guys might be working together instead every one tryna instigate a beef with the two.
    One track i love from these guys is Marvins rooms with kdot on the interlude off the take care album
    Kendrick said some ill real shit. I cant wait for these dudes to drop something.

  • Disordah1027

    kdot and drake album would be a timeless classic,,,hands down

  • casarezrich

    Drake just like copying everybody, he seen Kendrick with the two dollar stack and wanted to be like him.

    • Vulqn

      Except if you read the article it says that Drake posted them first…

      • YKokoM

        reading comprehension problems huh?kdot posted it first. Drake posted it earlier TODAY…..

    • TheTruth


  • Devin

    Kendrick and Drake over future beats= Classic

    • Chill Life

      That don’t go together bro.

      • Devin

        you put kendric with drake on what a time to be alive……shit would be a classic…..Kendrick fits on anything…..he choses not to make that brand of music….but I think if Kendrick was on it…the chorus would change the topic on what they rapped about would change….Drake would even step his game up because he know Kendrick gonna go crazy….it would take a whole new life……..only thing that would be the same would be the beats
        think Drake is capable of switching up

  • Shay P.

    Levitate Levitate Levitate Levitate!!

  • dhusu

    probably linked up for a song or 2 but they’re not doing a collab album or anything. kendrick + j.cole sounds more realistic

    • Ye’

      But wouldn’t it be beautiful if it was the 3 of them

  • Wiiid3YesFL0

    He need to record some shit with Black Hippy .

  • Kendrick’s core fanbase ain’t gonna be happy about this

  • Why would Drake risk his career by working with this clown?

    • $$ Ty $$

      kill your self . they both straight fire. k. Dot is no clown

  • OhRyanT

    Two overrated artists.

  • Devin

    you don’t think the beats on a time to be alive where amazing? you don’t think the beat selection in general is whats keeping future relevant ?

    • dhusu

      wouldn’t say amazing. put future on a TPAB beat and his ass will struggle, trust. 0 talent, the only thing keeping him afloat is the beats, people wanna hear the metro boomin 808 and claps

      • Devin

        facts..and maybe not amazing….but better than most right now

        • dhusu

          better than young thug maybe. theyre all part of that mumbling rappers collective though

  • ilikemusic.

    Lowkey shots. Subliminal af. These boys playing games