Another Artist Accuses Karen Civil Of Stealing From Him

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    • Chill Life

      Mike Jones

  • For 50 k she would have been dead. People play games when they feel its no consequence from there actions. A bitch played me for 1500 and I was trying to help her. She moved and changed her number. So I said I she how she rocking. Pay a bitch 150 and she put the bitch to sleep. Than I got a phone call about payments. Priceless. I don’t care if its man or woman right it right wrong is wrong.

    • #Worklife

      Dead, dead, you hear me, dead

    • Star_God

      50,000…… would’ve took an act of God for me not to physically have this bitch close to death or bodied! Niggas work hard for their money trying to accomplish their dreams and this bitch playing around nah fuck that!

      • Bro I agree. For the average person its hard to save 10k in a year. And this bitch out having fun when you tried to pay for her services so it could have been a win win. He’s better than me. I would have asked a few time then I would have said fuck it and got her attention. It’s a few things I dont do in this life because I know how I am. I dont play with peoples kids. I dont fuck with a woman if she’s with someone. And I dont fuck with peoples money. Because if you do it to me its on.

    • DamierDreams

      Funny how this hoe hand out Beats for favors and shit, you see it, we all see it. Like bih we got you, you’re the “plug” for some $300 headphones good for you, felt something was a little wrong about this hoe though. You can just tell she got some demonic shit in her

  • American Greed we have 1 for you for your new season premiere surprised she isn’t locked up eating pussy yet or killed expensive pusy there damnnnnnnnnnnnn (Chris Tucker Voice)


      not funny

  • Killa Cam Newton

    I will agree that Ross went in haven’t seen a good one like that since the lost boys did Renee

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