‘Anonymous’ May Have Helped Lupe Fiasco Beat His Record Company

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  • adada

    hell yes

  • Much respect to Anonymous!!!!

    • Antony Aristyl-Julien

      they’re working for the FBI

      • Ray

        That’s impossible. The FBI doesn’t actually do anything.

  • some random black guy


    • jjames

      Simple marketing!!! These Jews are good. I like the strategy, I can’t help but give them the respect for it but as stupid Americans we need to fucking wake the fuck up!!! When will you understand we are the stupidest, most retarded and ignorant people on the face of the planet Earth. Lmao!! The economy is crashing, they are feeding you death and ignorance, the dollar is worthless, we have a puppet government that is attacking other nations and creating puppet governments in there interest while we remain comfortable but believe me very unstable. We are a hair line away from becoming a 3rd world country.

  • Scott Dorian Dancer

    word. its that easy. we need to hold up all the other record companies to release all the other tracks and albums they have held hostage from these artists.

  • Mike Donovan

    Yeah except these niggas don’t have good music with their tracks. A bunch of foreign guys dictating what should be pushed. To bad these guys don’t take music as serious as their lyrics. Its all about the white folks now I guess….

    • CSL

      Your whole statement is ridiculous.

      “Don’t make good music.” – Music is an artistic expression. It cannot be labeled as garbage or trash as long as someone somewhere enjoys the instrumental

      “A bunch of foreign guys… all about the white folks now I guess.” – Foreign as in what? Outside of the nation? Outside of hip-hop? Outside of what?

      If you’re talking about outside of the nation, let us clump it as white and non-white for simplicity. If they are white, would they not be on the side of Atlantic more than likely since Lupe references inequalities? But if it’s about pleasing the white people, isn’t that against the supposed agenda?

      If you’re talking about outside of hip-hop, are you saying that it is only meant for blacks? If that is the case then you are perpetrating the ideology of inequality by stating that because you are x skin type, y upbringing, or z lifestyle you are not allowed here. If that is the case, you are part of the problem with us as a society not being able to move forward and past the idea that different cultures have different values.

      Are you saying that only people within the hip-hop community should decide what should and shouldn’t be released? If so, isn’t Lupe part of that? And since he put together the album shouldn’t that be enough for a release?

      Either way, your statement is illogical and reckless. If our overall goal is to have everyone equal, we cannot restrict access or believe that individuals don’t belong somewhere. Especially in fucking music dude..

      • Mike Donovan

        Your paragraphs were full of shit! and over analytical. I didn’t need to read the whole thing because you just kept saying the same thing over and over. Firstly, I have played and performed music my whole life as well as actually studied the greats. I watch no tv. music played from the time i wake up until bed. Their music is not on a high level and that is why people are listening to this other shit where people are saying nothingg because they are elitist and ALWAYS preach to the fucking choir. Mos Def is a fucking poser and so isTalib. Ferguson…. showboating and made it about him. Common has not had a good album since One Day It Will All make sense. The Soulquarian joint was Good too.
        Are you white because you took it personal like a bitch!I’ll elaborate. This music is worldwide and everybody is rapping but remember what the fuck this is! A bunch of European Hackers…You know they are… Decide that these guys should have albums released. … Why not a big KRIT. Who speaks to the community and is more approachable than ANY of these niggas but no less deep. Why not SCARFACE, there are so many who are better representers of this conscious shit than who you white folks have chosen. If you are not white it doesn’t matter. You are looking at shit from one fucking angle. I find it Ironic that these are 5 rappers are ALways brought up in the Mainstream(white world ) but the community for which these anthems are made for don’t fuck with it. Would you suggest thats because the community is stupid or unconscious. FUCK NO! Its because these fuck niggas preach to the choir. REAL ISSUES IN BLACK AMERICA…. MIKE BROWN!!!! we have government trying to spark martial law by eventually handing a not guilty verdict which they will do. a black president that is disrespected like no other and he has actually tried to help ALLLL AMERICANS. Fuck outta there… the struggle is real on these fucking American streets and this music is the anthem. Not just entertainment for Minastream amnesrica. BIG KRIT, BUN B, SNOOP. so many.. reps and raps about the community many rappers do. But you sheltered muthafuckas forget that even thought the lyrics may be bad from time to time which is subjective because ALLL of that bad shit happens in hoods across America each day. You want to dismiss it. I feel you are either, uninformed, a poser or not a well rounded listener of this rap shit…underground to the most commercial. I am a fan of MUSIC. not just spoken word….wel studied in this shit. IT DOESNT MATTER WHETHER OR NOT HIS ALBUM WAS RELEASED BECAUSE LUPE IS A SLAVE TO YAMAK DICK WHEN HE SIGNED LUPE . AGE OF INDEPENDENCE… BLACK MAN MAKING HIS OWN MONEY… SO EVEN THESE RAPPERS YOU AND ANONYMOUS PICK ARE FUCKING IRRELEVANT TO THE COMMUNITY. FUCK ANONYMOUS. IF THEY CARED ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY AND WERE AS STUDIED IN THE GOINGS ON THEN THEY WOULD DO MORE … RELEASED DA’S AND POLICE INFORMATION. NOT A FUCKING LUPE FIASCO RECORD. SHOULDNT BECAUSE HAVE HIS ALBUM RELEASED. FUCK OUR GOAL OF BEING EQUAL. WORLD IS NOT EQUAL AND NEVER WILL BE JUST LIKE A BEAR CAN NEVER BE EQUAL TO A RABBIT EVEN THOUGH THEY SHARE THE SAME WILDERNESS.

        • guest

          You sir are stupid. You sound like just another black man trying to hold white people for ransom about something you never experienced.You are studied and are a musician? Calling others elitist while saying how you understand more and have more of right to speak on the issues and that they are not speaking on the right issues. You are not only stupid, you are also a hypocrite, double whammy. And who made you the spokesperson for the RAP COMMUNITY? You’re opinion is only that. So please never think that you have the right to dictate to other people what is and not a part of RAP. You know what just sit down and take this “L”

        • teddy

          He has never heard of jedimind trick. They might benefit think about it how many ppl cared bout lupe not many now theres a buzz and atlantic will profit more duh white boy called playing the victim and being the profiteer

      • بلدي تاج♚

        Mike donavon I applaud you

  • DMP

    Excellent marketing strategy

  • Type5

    Thats F*cking Gangsta