Did Amine Get Tricked Into XXL Cover Shoot?

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  • Terenzo

    They look the same cause every dumbass now a days goes and gets the same hairstyle as the next person they dont kow how to be different same hairstyle and looks thats why they look alike

    • BeenASavage

      it aint that they want to be different its they are… so in the end you get same style DIFFERENT. lmao

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    People analyze shit toooooo much online nowadays…Too much time on your hands I swear. How about go get a hobby, or some pussy, or better yet a fucking JOB…geez…lol

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    I rarely listen to new artists like that, but this XXL cover been getting so much flack I had to start googling some of these dudes. I can’t lie, Kap G is kinda nice. I googled him first cuz I was like who is this goofy looking muthafucka? Little did I know, he has hits out there…..

    • Terenzo

      exactly Kap G been rapping for years before anybody else on the cover he has features from wiz,jeezy,dolph,and bunch of others he should of been made a cover of XXL

  • DaveyStoned

    that looks like the cover of an L.G.B.T. magazine. r.i.p hip-hop.

  • Imwhite

    Well in the other article with xxxtension sleeping you making faces to the camera and it flashes away taking pics so my guess is you were pretty fucking aware